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How to use the Multi Instructor addon?

How to use the Multi Instructor addon?

The Multi Instructor addon allows more than one instructor to take a course. Multi-Instructor is a free feature of Academy LMS. To use this feature, enable the Multi Instructor add-on from WordPress Admin > Academy LMS > Add-ons > Multi Instructor.

enable multi instructor addon

Once you enable the Multi Instructor addon, click on the setting icon, and you will see all courses. From here, edit an existing course or create a new one. Here, scroll down, and you’ll see a new section called Instructors under the Course Builder section. Here, simply click on the Add Instructor button to add instructors.

add instructor

A new popup window will open when you click the Add Instructor button, allowing you to type the instructor’s name to build a list. Simply click on the box beside the instructor’s name and close the popup, and your instructor will be added to your course.

add multi-instructors

To add more teachers, follow the same procedure as before. When finished, click Update the course and Save Changes to close the window.

New instructors can assume complete control of any course they have been assigned, exactly like the primary instructor. But only the default/main instructor gets the shared revenue.

Additional Features of Multi Instructor Addon #

Adding a new instructor to a course is not part of the multi-instructor addon feature. When you enable multi-instructor addons, more features will be unlocked. After allowing the multi-instructor addon, the multi-instructor revenue-sharing option will be on. Two more settings will open in the Academy LMS settings‘s Payments options: Earning and Withdrawal.

payments options

By enabling the earning section in settings, the revenue will be divided with the instructor, or if you now enable the earning section, all revenue will go to the admin. In the earning section, you can set:

  • Admin commission percentage 
  • The instructor commission percentage
  • You can also enable a fee deduction for the course. 

The next option is withdrawal. 


In the withdrawal section:

  • You can set the minimum withdrawal amount
  • Enable PayPal
  • Enable E-Check
  • Enable bank transfer option
  • Instructions for instructors to fill out bank information
  • Multi Instructor revenue sharing option

For a detailed understanding of earning and money management, you may read our detailed documentation about money management.

For Bulk Instructor import from CSV file, read this documentation Bulk Instructor Import From CSV File.

This is all about the multi instructor addon; if you need to know more, join our Facebook community to ask questions and follow us on Twitter for our latest updates. 

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