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How to ask questions from teachers?

How to ask questions from teachers?

The reason why someone asks a question is to learn. They want to get something and find that they can get it faster by getting help from an expert. Question-asking is a cultural behavior. 

Teachers are here to help students learn. So they want to know: What is the student’s goal? What is the student looking for? What is the student trying to learn? How do they like to learn?

We ask questions a lot. It doesn’t mean we’re not smart, it just means that we want to learn more. And usually, it means that we want to learn more quickly than we could on our own.

When you complete a course or do a course at Academy LMS, how do you know if you have a problem? How to ask questions from teachers?

Let’s follow these simple steps and ask questions from teachers in Academy LMS.

  • Step 1. You need to first log in to your account dashboard to ask questions to your teacher.
  • Step 2. Then click on your Enrolled Courses from the Dashboard
  • Step 3. Now select a course from which you want to ask questions from your teacher.
enrolled courses
  • Step 4. After selecting your desired course now click on Start Course.
  • Step 5. After starting your course you will see Q & A section under your course player, you will find the place where you can ask questions. Type your question title and then submit your question to your course teacher. 
qa secion

This is the process of asking a question from the teacher in Academy LMS.

I hope you have liked this doc about how to ask questions from teachers. Share your experience with us about Academy LMS by joining our Facebook community. 

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