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How to Use SureMembers with Academy LMS?

How to Use SureMembers with Academy LMS?

This guide explores integrating SureMembers, a membership plugin, with Academy LMS to manage course access through memberships on your WordPress e-learning platform.

Suremembers integration is a pro feature of Academy LMS. Let’s start with how to use SureMembers with Academy LMS.

Important Note: None of your courses that are created as Public courses, SureMembers, will not be applicable for those courses, only your created free and paid courses can be used for SureMembers.

Requirement For Using SureMembers With Academy LMS #

You will need the below plugin installed and activated for using Academy LMS with SureMembers:

  1. Academy LMS Free version 2.0 or above.
  2. Academy LMS Pro version 2.0 or above.
  3. SureMembers plugin’s latest version.
  4. SureCart plugin’s latest free version.

After installing and activating these mentioned plugins follow the below steps for using SureMembers with the Academy LMS.

Step 1: Enable SureMemebers Addon.

enable suremembers addon

Go to the Academy LMS > Add-ons menu. Here, you’ll find all the available add-ons. Look for the SureMembers Addon and enable it using the toggle.

Step 2: Now go to the SureMembers dashboard. Create an Access Groups by clicking on Add New.

add new access groups

Add a name for the Access Group, select Academy LMS Courses as Protected Content, choose action from unauthorized access option as redirect or message then set Redirect URL as your check out page.

Lastly, if you want to use some courses as free and do not want some courses under SureMembers then search and exclude them from the “Exclude Pages / Posts / Taxonomies, etc.” from the “Protected Content” section”.

access group settings

Don’t forget to Save Access Group.

Step 3: Navigate to “SureCart“, within the SureCart admin panel, find the “Products” section. Click the “Add New” button associated with “Products.” This action will launch a new interface specifically designed for creating a new product in SureCart.

add new product in surecart

Clicking Add New will launch a new interface specifically designed for creating a new product in SureCart. From there select the Add A Price section, and set the product price. 

add a price

SureCart offers flexibility in creating product pricing. Here’s how to set each price:

  • Name your pricing option: Assign a descriptive name like “Monthly,” “Yearly,” or “Lifetime” for easy identification.
  • Choose the payment type: Select the appropriate payment type: “One Time,” “Installment,” or “Subscription.”
  • Set the price: Enter the specific amount for this pricing option.
  • Compare At Price (Optional): If you want to showcase a discount, enter a higher price to be compared against your actual selling price. This creates a strikethrough effect for the higher price and highlights your current offer. Leave this blank if not applicable.
  • Add the price: Click the “Create Price” button to finalize and add this pricing option to your product.
create price

Once you’ve configured the product details, pricing options, and any other relevant settings, click the “Save & Publish” button.

save and publish

After saving and publishing, click “Add New Integration” which will appear after scrolling down a bit.

add new integration on surecart

Clicking on Add New Integration, this pop up will appear where you have set integration as SureMembers and select an Access Group that you have created earlier. After selecting those, click on the Add Integration button.

add integration as suremembers and select access group

Step 4: Now locate SureCart Custom Forms from the SureCart Dashboard menus, and click on Add New.

add new checkout form from surecart

In the “SureCart Custom Forms” section, enter a desired title for your form. Choose a template that best suits your needs. Once done, click the “Next” button to proceed.

add product

Within the SureCart Forms builder, now you will see an option labeled “Add Product“. Click on that button to proceed with adding a product to your form.


In the “Add Product” section, choose the specific product you created earlier in SureCart. Once you’ve selected it, click the “Create” button to add the product to your custom form.

thank you page url settings

You can customize the form to fit your needs. Set a Thank You Page URL to determine where users will be directed after successfully purchasing a course.

Step 5: Go to All Pages from your WordPress admin dashboard pages section. Hover over the checkout page title and click Edit to begin editing the content and layout.

edit checkout page from all page

Within the WordPress page editor, click the “+” icon to add a new block. In the search bar of the block inserter, type “Checkout Form” and select it from the search results.

select checkout form block of surecart

Select the form that you have created with SureCart Custom Form here.

select form

After selecting the checkout form, click the Choose button.

choose checkout form

After integrating your SureCart form with the checkout page, you can make any final adjustments to the page content as needed. Once you’re satisfied with the checkout flow, simply click the “Publish” button to make the updated checkout page live on your website.

publish form

And, that’s how you can use SureMembers with Academy LMS.