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How to Use Academy LMS Meeting Addon?

How to Use Academy LMS Meeting Addon?

To improve your experience taking an online course with Academy LMS, now it provides a Meeting Addon that can be used to integrate real-time video calling into the classes. The Academy LMS Meeting Addon simplifies meeting and scheduling live sessions. And it offers two major platforms for conducting online meetings, including Google Meet and Zoom.

Using Academy LMS Meeting Addon #

Using the Meeting addon is easy. You need to enable the Meeting addon to use the Academy LMS Meeting Addon. Navigate Academy LMS menus from the WordPress dashboard and locate Add-ons, then look for Meeting Addon, and turn it on. 

enable Academy LMS Meeting Addon

Turning it on new menus will add to Academy LMS menus options called Meeting. Click on that to explore and use the Academy LMS meeting addon.

add new meeting

Now we have two platform meeting integrations with Academy LMS: Zoom and Google Meet.

Zoom Integration #

Zoom is a fantastic option for online meetings, offering features like screen sharing, chat rooms for smaller group discussions, and even recording capabilities. By integrating Zoom with your Academy LMS courses, you can create interactive live sessions for your students, helping with real-time discussions and presentations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Zoom itself and how to set up and use Zoom meetings within Academy LMS, we refer you to the following documentation:

  1. How to use Zoom Integration in Academy LMS?
setup api

Google Meet Integration #

The other option is Google Meet. It uses your Google account for easy access and also offers screen sharing and real-time captions. This can be a convenient way to host video meetings within your Academy LMS courses.  For more information on Google Meet and how to create meetings using Google Meet in Academy LMS, please read the following documentation: :

  1. How to Use Academy LMS Google Meet Integration?
create meeting with Google meet

This is how to use the Academy LMS Meeting addon. Currently, Zoom and Google Meet are the only integrations Academy LMS provides. In the near future, we will add more integrations by people’s choice.

Note: This documentation is based on the Academy LMS 2.0 Beta Version. Any misinformation or updates will be made once the Academy LMS 2.0 Stable release is LIVE! Also, don’t forget to mention any bugs or issues in our Facebook group or live support!

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