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How to complete a course?

How to complete a course?

Complete a course means to finish or to bring it to an end. Something that is considered complete can also be considered finished or accomplished. For example, we can say that a painting is complete only when all the necessary steps have been taken and all the tools, colors, and materials have been used.

How do you explain to the person in charge of you when you complete a course in Academy LMS? 

It’s easy, to ensure you have completed a course in Academy LMS.

Step 1. First, Log in to your account Academy LMS. 

Step 2. Click on your Enrolled Courses. You will see all of your courses along with how many lessons you have completed from those courses. And also you can see how much percentage you have completed from those courses. Finishing all the lessons means that you have completed your course 100%.

Step 3. Now click on a course that you want to indicate a complete course. Remember, click on that course where all lessons are complete and the course is 100% complete.

Step 4. This is the final step, in this page, you will see a “Complete Course” button under the Start Course button. Simply click on Complete Course, and your course will be indicated as a complete course. 

Complete Course

Follow those simple steps and make your course completion.

I think this article will help you and if you want more help or if you want to ask questions and know more about Academy LMS, you can freely join our Facebook community to know and ask. 

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