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How to Download Academy LMS Beta Free And Pro Version?

How to Download Academy LMS Beta Free And Pro Version?

Academy LMS 2.0 beta versions are now available on (Free) and the Pro version is also available from our website.

This guide will walk you through the steps to download and install both the free and pro beta versions of Academy LMS 2.0.

Download Academy LMS Beta Free Version #

Step 1: Navigate to the plugin Academy LMS section.

Step 2: Click on the “Advanced View” tab.

Step 3: Scroll down until you locate the “Download” button under “Advanced Options”.

Step 4: Select the “Development Version”.

advanced optiions

Step 5: Click on the “Download” button.

download beta free version

Step 6: The latest beta version zip file will be downloaded.

Once downloaded, you can start testing all the new features and enhancements offered in the Academy LMS 2.0 beta version (Free).

Download Academy LMS Beta Pro Version #

Step 1: From the Freemius dashboard, navigate to the “Downloads” section.

Step 2: Locate your mouse pointer over the Academy LMS download version.

Step 3: You will find the latest Academy LMS Pro beta version available for download.

Step 4: Click on the download option to obtain the beta version.

Step 5: Download the beta version zip file.

download beta pro version

Start exploring the new PRO features introduced in the Academy LMS 2.0 beta version (Pro).

How to Install the Academy LMS 2.0 Beta Version (Free and Pro) #

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Plugins” menu and select “Add New”.

Step 3: Click on the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.

upload plugin

Step 4: Choose the Academy LMS beta free version zip file you downloaded earlier.

Step 5: For PRO Version Upload the Pro version zip file you downloaded from Freemius account!

Step 6: Click “Install Now” and wait for the installation to complete.

install plugin

Step 7: Once installed, click on the “Activate” button to activate the plugin.

You can now access and explore the new features of the beta version from the “Academy LMS” menu in your WordPress dashboard.

Important Note:

  • It is recommended to test the beta versions on a staging site before implementing them on your main site.
  • Beta versions may contain bugs or instability, so thorough testing is advised before full deployment.

Enjoy exploring the latest features and improvements, and provide valuable feedback to contribute to the upgrade of Academy LMS.

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