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How to Use GamiPress with Academy LMS?

How to Use GamiPress with Academy LMS?

Academy LMS can be enhanced with gamification through GamiPress. 

This guide will walk you through the steps to integrate and configure GamiPress with Academy LMS.

Prerequisites #

Ensure you have the Academy LMS and GamiPress plugins installed and activated on your platform. This is essential for enabling the gamification features.

Step 1: Install and Activate GamiPress and Academy LMS  #

Download the GamiPress plugin from the official repository. Activate the plugin.

install and activate academy lms

Do the same for Academy LMS.

Step 2: Activate the GamiPress Addon #

Go to Academy LMS > Add-ons. You’ll find all the available addons here. Look for the GamiPress Addon and enable it using the toggle.

enable gamipress addon for use GamiPress with Academy LMS

Step 3: Configure Points, Achievements, and Ranks #

In the GamiPress section, go to the Point Types tab.

Configure Points, Achievements, and Ranks

Here, you can set up different points types according to your learning goals.

Add names and slugs of your choice.

setup points

Now, Click Add New Points Award from the “Automatic Points Award Section”. You will have some new fields ready to set up.

Add New Points Award

In the “When” dropdown you can see the list of Academy LMS triggers, which you can choose by selecting.

triggers list

Here’s the full list of triggers:

  • Complete a quiz
  • Complete a specific quiz
  • Complete a quiz in a specific course
  • Pass a quiz
  • Pass a specific quiz
  • Pass a quiz in a specific course
  • Fail a quiz
  • Fail a specific quiz
  • Fail a quiz in a specific course
  • Complete an assignment
  • Complete a specific assignment
  • Complete an assignment in a specific course
  • Pass an assignment
  • Pass a specific assignment
  • Pass an assignment in a specific course
  • Fail an assignment
  • Fail a specific assignment
  • Fail an assignment in a specific course
  • Enroll in a course
  • Enroll in a specific course
  • Complete a course

You can also add points, number of times points can be earned, limit the trigger, and add url.

triggers settings

Once done with the settings, click “Save All Points Awards“ to save the settings successfully. 

Save All Points Awards

You can do the same for “Automatic Points Deductions”.

Automatic Points Deductions

After you’re done with all of it, Click the Publish/update Button so you can use these.


You can create/edit new Achievements and Rank Types from the dedicated menu from GamiPress.

achievement and rank

Step 4: Display Points, Achievements, and Ranks #

To display your created points, achievements and ranks, you need to go to Academy LMS Settings. Now hit “Advanced” and select GamiPress. 

add new placement

You will see GamiPress Points, Achievements and Ranks tab here. 

Click “Add New Placement” and selection options will appear.

add new placement

Now, select “Show Types”, “Pages” and display ”Location” as you require.

gamipress settings for points

Then simply Click the Save button and you’re good to go!

save points settins

Here’s the front-end view of points from GamiPress.

frontend view of gamipress

Integrating GamiPress with Academy LMS transforms your learning platform into a dynamic and engaging eLearning environment. Follow these steps to enhance student motivation and engagement effectively.