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How to use Content Drip?

How to use Content Drip?

The Content Drip feature of Academy LMS is an important Pro feature essential for course management. With this feature, instructors will be able to drip out information or release lessons, quizzes, and assignments. 

To enable the Content Drip feature, go to Academy LMS > Add-Ons and enable the Drip Content Add-on. 

enable content

After activating the add-on, you will be able to see the Content Drip tab available on the Course Settings page while creating or editing a course. 

In Content Drip Tab, you will get the following options: 

  • Schedule Course content according to the date
  • Content Accessible after X days from enrollment 
  • Course content available sequentially 
  • Course content available after completing prerequisites 

Simply go to All Courses and enter one of the existing courses or create a new course by clicking Add New Course. We’ve entered a course that was already created via Academy LMS. 

created course

After entering a course, scroll down a bit and go to the Course Settings area, where you will get the Content Drip options. You can enable or disable the Content Drip option from here as well. 

enable content drip

Now head back to Course Builder and click Select Items from the created course topic. Now, click one of the existing lessons or create one by clicking Add New Lesson.  

Add New Lesson

Now, in the lesson section, scroll down a bit and explore the Content Drip Settings. 

content drip setting unlocking date

We’ve previously selected the Schedule Course Contents By Date option from Content Drip. So, from this section, you can set the date of availability for this lesson. After setting the date, this lesson will be available on your selected date. 

content drip settings

So, this is how you can use the Academy LMS Drip content Feature. Now let’s see how each Drip Content Option actually works: 

Schedule course Content According to the Date: For this option, you need to select a date for each lesson, quiz, and assignment.  If you haven’t scheduled a lesson, it will be shown as soon as the student enrolls for that course. 

unlocking date for content drip

Content Accessible after X days from enrollment: Selecting this option will include a field where you have to include the number of days for publishing a lesson.  The enrollment date will be set as the starting date based on calculation. 

content drip settings

Course content available sequentially:  This is one of the most basic settings of the Content Drip Feature. After enabling this option, you will no longer see any options in lessons, quizzes, or assignments. Because as soon as one lesson is over, the next one emerges. Which indicates that it sets lesson completion,  quiz attempt status, and assignment submission status. 

Course content available after completing prerequisites:  After choosing this option, you may see the created lesson list and choose the ones that are necessary. The lesson won’t be made visible to the student until they’ve finished it. You may establish courses, tests, and assignments as mandatory requirements or prerequisites.

update lesson

A student who participates in a quiz is permitted to go to the subsequent lesson, quiz, or assignment. So, passing the quiz is not mandatory to learn more.

A student may go to the next stage after submitting an assignment. It is not necessary to have the task examined or graded.

Now you have successfully dripped your lesson content. Now we are going to show you how to drip your quiz content. From the course builder section, click on Select Items.

Now click on Quiz, then Add New Quiz, or click on the edit icon to drip the quiz content. 

Fill out the quiz information, add questions to your quiz, and setup the settings for your quiz. 

Scroll down a bit and you will find the content drip settings; from here, click on the unlocking date.

Now set the unlocking date for your quiz and click on the Finish button, then mark the box to add the dripping quiz in your course. 

Finally, click Update, and the quiz will begin to appear in your course. 

That’s all about the Academy LMS Drip Content feature, which is available in the Pro version. If you have any confusion regarding this feature, feel free to Contact Us. Also, stay tuned with us by following us on Facebook and Twitter

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