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Next-Generation LMS Plugin
For WordPress

Utilize the fastest interface of Academy LMS for creating global eLearning opportunities

Advanced Features


Academy Analytics gives you complete data-driven information on a single page. The insights will help assess your online course efficiency, student performance.

Robust Course Builder

Academy LMS offers you next-gen features to create online courses. Create eLearning courses with texts, attachments, excerpts, and videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

Q & A System

Students of your eLearning site can ask unlimited questions to their instructors. Also, Instructors can answer students' queries through this Q&A system.

Certificate Builder

Award certificates for the students of your eLearning site upon successful course completion. Recognise their achievement with professional and customized certificates.

Multi Instructors & Revenue Sharing

Assign multiple instructors to the preferred courses of your eLearning site. Also, you can distribute revenue among instructors and admins upon selling premium courses.

Quiz Builder

With Academy LMS, you can build engaging quizzes alongside resourceful online courses & lessons. Add unique question types, timers, and more to create effective quizzes.

Create Course

Academy LMS course builder allows you to create free and paid courses within minutes. This next-gen LMS plugin comes with WooCommerce integration that helps you sell premium courses.
Academy LMS gives you an advanced online course builder with drag & drop options. This feature-rich WordPress LMS plugin includes a lesson sorting system. You can construct courses and lessons effortlessly to provide a worthwhile eLearning experience.
With Academy LMS, implementing your eLearning site becomes bliss. It enables continuous revenue sharing, commission distribution, and effective money management among the instructors and admins of an educational institute.

Sell Course

Sell online courses from your eLearning website and generate revenue with Academy LMS. The plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and allows you to sell your premium courses.
With the power of WooCommerce, you can add any type of payment gateway to your eLearning site. You can add shopping carts, one-time purchases, lifetime access, subscription models, and more.
Report & analysis are essential to get a detailed insight into your learning management system. To make improvements and increase sales, Academy LMS offers built-in Re-ports & Analysis options. You can get a detailed report on your overall eLearning site from a single dashboard.
Academy LMS offers a learning management system with a reliable earning and commission allocation. With a multi-author commission allocation system, you can distribute the commission fairly between the course instructors.

Manage Course

With this learning management system plugin maintaining your eLearning site becomes bliss. Academy LMS gives you end to end control system that allows you to easily manage your eLearnign site.
You will get detailed analytics and reports on courses, students, instructors, and the overall progress of your eLearning site. After tracking the data, you can improve course quality, student enrollment, and student retention.

Students enrolled in your learning management system are free to ask as many questions as they desire. Instructors can simply answer students’ questions from their designated dashboard. It’s quite simple! 

Enhance your eLearning
Experience with Academy LMS

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Advance Customization

Academy LMS will take your learning management system to the next level. The advanced customization options of this plugin will meet your organization's unique style and performance needs.

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Scalable and Secure

Highly scalable learning management system to grow with the business, saving your valuable effort on content protection. Our round-the-clock customer support is always ready to assist you.

Robust, Innovative, and Next-Gen LMS Solution

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Great customer service

I really was struggling to add audio player in the course lesson. I’ve contacted them and within 1 hour they have added a new feature to add audio players. This is a real example of great customer service


Academy LMS is the best for e-learning

I have been using the plugin and it has solved my worries. I am using the plugin to create my online academy and it’s the best. The support is kind and reliable and the pricing is friendly.

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Academy LMS Review

From my experience with the Academy LMS, I prefer this LMS system due to its easy to use, elegant, and fast. The good thing is when I have any issue, it will be solved at once., thank you Academy LMS.

Ahmed Sabri1968

Lightweight Plugin & Attentive team

The tech team is super attentive in further upgrading this plugin. I got great assistance when I first host my course online. The plugin is lightweight and well-designed 🙂

Girl Bossinvest

best of the beast! i nearly tried all lms plug-ins

i tried neary every plug in on lms. this oone has the best backend and front-end experience on creating and editingba course . and features, maybe more than highly priced ones. above all the authors reply to your questions and problems immediately. and even make a major update on your problem and release. not just, take this code and paste to here.etc. best for none coders like me.. congratulations !


Perfect 20 Stars

I love it when a plugin (a) works out the box, (b) is easy to use and understand (with clear instructions, and (c) does what it is supposed to do (without you having to BUY anything). LOVE it and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


More Reasons to Use Our WordPress LMS

Fast Loading Speed

The most efficient & lightning-fast LMS plugin for WordPress, built using reactjs.

Awesome Support

We provide top-notch support to all our users, whether they are premium or free customers.

Secured & Reliable

Academy LMS guarantees the security and privacy of your learning management system.

User-friendly Dashboard

Students and Instructors are provided with a user-friendly dashboard with all the features.

LMS Ecosystem

Academy LMS offers a complete ecosystem to establish a full-fledged eLearning website.

WooCommerce Support

Start earning money by selling paid courses with the power of WooCommerce.

Freedom to Craft an eLearning Site in Your Native Language

Academy LMS enables you to design an eLearning platform in the language of your choice. You may reach a larger audience by allowing them to study in their native language.

Award Certificates That Students
Will Proudly Share

Select your preferred template and personalize the certificate

Multi-Instructor and Revenue Sharing

Academy LMS enables multiple instructors to collaborate on an eLearning platform with

 flexible commission allocation, money management, and revenue-sharing options.

David Jackson
Language Instructor
Maria Rubinstein
Yoga Instructor
John Smith
Math Instructor
Chris Nolan
WordPress Mentor

Numerous Payment Gateways

Offers a very flexible checkout process that includes multiple payment methods.

Flawless Monetization

Utilize WooCommerce, Easy Digital downloads, Restrict Content Pro, and Paid Membership Pro for a flawless eCommerce experience.

Earning and Commission

Simple and adaptable commission distribution, financial management, and uninterrupted income sharing between teachers and administrators.

We Provide Outstanding Customer Support

We are concerned about resolving any issues that our customers are facing. We don’t draw any line between our free and premium users.


Want to Learn More About Academy LMS?

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Academy LMS is the next-gen WordPress LMS plugin for creating an eLearning website. With this plugin, you can create, manage and sell free and premium courses on different topics.

The Academy LMS is a next-generation WordPress plugin that gives you the fastest interface to craft a sophisticated eLearning website. Your website will look professional, and the features will ensure a unique learning environment for the students as well as instructors.

Yes, you can set up and use this plugin in any standard WordPress theme or a customized theme that you’ve created in WordPress. It integrates both free and paid versions of any WordPress theme without any issues.

Go to the Academy LMS pricing page, select your preferred package, and go for checkout.

You may upload files in a number of formats through Academy LMS. You can show a variety of data types, including text, video, and PDFs. In addition, you may attach items using our course/lesson attachments feature.

Yes, all of the languages listed in WordPress settings are already supported by the plugin. This implies that you may explore the plugin in your desired language while selecting your preferred language for your WordPress website.

Certainly, there are some beautifully designed Addons for the Academy LMS plugin. You will get these 3 plugins that integrate perfectly Academy LMS plugin: Academy Elementor Addons, Academy Starter Templates, and Academy Certificates.

The Academy LMS support staff is on call around-the-clock. To report the problem, please Click Here to create a support request. For any kind of query, you may always use our website’s live chat feature.

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