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Ultimate Features


Academy Analytics helps you get the website all LMS information on a single page. you can also see course enrollment graph and much more..

Certificate Builder

You can easily design any type of certificate using our certificate builder. 

Robust Course Builder

Academy LMS course builder helps you create courses with video(self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo), attachments, excerpt, additional data, the benefit of the course, requirement, topic, summary, announcement etc. You can instantly create lessons or select existing lessons with sortable UI.


Multi Instructors & Revenue Sharing

You can easily add unlimited instructors to a specific course. You can also share revenue between instructors for premium courses. 

Q & A System

Students can easily ask unlimited questions after enrolling in the course. The instructor can also answer those questions from the admin panel. 

Quiz Builder (Coming)

Our Dev team working on the Quiz builder. it will be released soon. please stay with us

Create Course

Create unlimited free or paid courses in just a minute. Academy LMS has Woocommerce integration that helps you sell premium courses.

Course Builder

Academy LMS has a drag and drop course builder with topic and lesson sorting system. 

Instructors & Revenue

You can easily share multi revenue between course instructors just a single click. 

Sell Course

You can create unlimited free or premium courses. Academy LMS has WooCommerce integration. 

You can easily add any type of payment gateway (Shopping carts, one time purchases, lifetime accesses, subscription models) that are supported WooCommerce. There is no limitation

Reports and analytics help you to increase your sell. Academy LMS has a built in Reports & Analytics option or you can also view WooCommerce Analytics. 

Academy LMS has multi author commission allocation systems. you can easily distribute commission between course instructors. 

Manage Course

Don’t worry to manage your eLearning platform. Academy LMS gives you end to end control system. You can easily mange your website.

Analytics & Reports

Analytics & Reports help you improve your course quality to increase enrollment. 

Question & Answer

Students can easily ask questions and instructors can easily answer them. it is so easy.

Build eLearning Website just a Minute

Academy LMS Starter Template  have some awesome ready made design pack. It will saved your lot of time.





Don’t Worry, It’s ...

Create a Free LMS website like a pro. Academy LMS has pretty good features in the free version. why late, try it right now…

Academy LMS


Academy LMS Pro

Special Discount Inside! Academy LMS PRO is currently in development. Sign up for the waiting list and be the first to be informed when Academy LMS PRO launches!

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Academy LMS is a WordPress LMS Plugin for build websites to create free and paid online courses.

Yes, it will work with any standard WordPress theme.

PRO is currently in development.

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