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How to Override Academy Templates Files from Themes?

How to Override Academy Templates Files from Themes?

One of the key benefits of template overwriting with a WordPress plugin is the ability to personalize the appearance and functionality of your site without altering the original theme files. By overwriting specific templates, you have the freedom to customize the design and features to match your preferences while keeping the core theme intact. This approach ensures that maintaining your site becomes simpler, updates remain compatible, and switching themes doesn’t result in the loss of your customizations.

Moreover, utilizing a child theme amplifies these advantages even further. Child themes provide a separate space for making modifications to your WordPress site, independent of the parent theme. This empowers you to effortlessly update the parent theme while safeguarding your customizations. It ensures compatibility with future updates and presents a flexible and efficient method for customizing your website.

Should you wish to override Academy LMS plugin templates, simply follow these straightforward steps below.

Let’s Learn How to Override Academy Templates Files from Themes? #

If you open the plugin folder of Academy LMS (the folder you downloaded from, you will see a folder named templates. This is the folder that contains all the pages for Academy LMS. The exact location of the folder is wp-content/plugins/academy/templates.

Here we are going to show you How to Override Academy Templates Files from Themes.

Here’s how you can overwrite the plugin files in themes: Copy the templates folder inside your child’s theme.

copy template

Now Paste templates inside your themes.

paste template

Rename the paste folder to “academy.”

rename as academy

So the final folder structure will be wp-content/themes/yourthemename/academy.

Inside the “academy” folder, you can now edit any file you want. For example, if you want to change the text “Available Seats,”

available seats

You can search for the text “available seats” inside the “academy” folder that you just copied into your theme.

find folder

After finding your preferred changing word, change the word, as we are changing Available Seats to Remaining Seats. Click on your keyboard (CTRL+S) to save your changes. 

how to override the plugin files in Academy theme: change available seats as remaining seats

Here is the change preview from Available Seats to Remaining Seats.

remaining seats

By following these steps, you can customize the templates and make any changes to the plugin files of the Academy LMS according to your requirements.

We hope this documentation helps you find the answer to how to override the plugin files in Academy theme. If you have more questions, please join our Academy LMS Facebook community to ask them, and follow us on Twitter for our latest update.

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