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How to use/active Academy LMS addons?

How to use/active Academy LMS addons?

Welcome back to the Academy LMS documentation section. Today we will learn how you can activate and use Academy LMS addons. The add-ons feature was added to Academy LMS on version 1.3, and it minimized the effort of the users significantly.

Usage of Academy LMS Addons Feature  #

First of all, the Academy LMS plugin must be installed and activated on your WordPress website.  After logging into your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugin > Add New and Type in Academy LMS in the search box. 

type academy lms

When the plugin appears, click Install and then Activate the plugin. When the installed process is complete, click Academy LMS > Addons and explore the feature. 

As you can see, the Academy Addon section currently includes Quizzes and Multi-instructor Add-ons. But we will soon include more add-ons in this section. 

all academy lms addons

From the Add-ons section Addons section, you can enable or disable your required addon. This minimizes your effort of installing a plugin or addon separately on your site. You can activate or deactivate the add-on anytime you want. 

enable addons

The activated add-ons will appear on the Active tab, and the deactivated add-on will appear on the Deactivate tab. 

Quizzes Add-on: This add-on will enable all the features of Quiz builder on your eLearning site. As a result, you can do the following things: 

  • Create quizzes 
  • Create Unlimited questions 
  • Set answers 
  • Create Questions (Multiple Choice, Single Choice, and more)
  • Set Quiz Summaries
  • Assign quizzes for multiple courses 
  • And many more

Multi Instructor: With this addon enabled in your eLearning site, you will get the following options: 

  • Add multiple course authors to your eLearning site 
  • Assign multiple course instructors to a single  course
  • Share revenue between Multiple instructors and admins 
  • Flexible commission distribution between instructors and admins 
  • Effective Money management within the eLearning platform

Email: This feature allows you to send emails without leaving your eLearning site from the centralized emailing option. Automated emails will be sent for the following actions on your eLearning site: 

  • Enroll Course: Admin, Instructor, and the user will get automated emails on course enrollment. 
  • Finished Course: Admin, Instructor, and the user will get automated emails on Finished Courses. 
  • Become An Instructor: Applicant will get an automated email on Request, Acceptance, and Denial. 

Content Drip: With this addon, admins and instructors can schedule the course content sequentially. The following sequences are available in this setting: 

  • Schedule course contents by date
  • Content available after X days from enrolment
  • Course content available sequentially
  • Course content unlocked after finishing prerequisites

Manual Enrolment: This addon allows admins to manually enroll students in their eLearning site. Once a student has been manually enrolled in your eLearning site, you can view their information in the All Students section.

When a student is experiencing problems registering in a class, this option becomes very helpful. However, in exceptional cases, administrators may choose to enroll a student manually in order to provide them access to a particular course.

WooCommerce Subscription:  With this Addon, you can get the following benefits

  • Multiple billing cycles are available to accommodate the demands of your business. 
  • More than 25 payment gateways are available for collecting recurring payments.
  • Manual payment renewals through several payment gateways, along with receipts and invoices.
  • You won’t lose revenue since it supports automatic rebilling upon failed subscriptions. 
  • Subscribers can choose their own plan.
  • Admins and users will get detailed reports on revenue, renewal, subscription, and more.

This is all about Activating and using Academy LMS Addons. This feature will surely minimize your efforts in creating a complete eLearning site. Because without installing any plugins, you will get some essential features added to your eLearning platform. 

If you still have any further queries or confusion in understanding these features, feel free to Contact US or join our Facebook and Twitter communities.  

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