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Academy LMS Webhooks

Academy LMS Webhooks

The Academy LMS Webhooks Addon allows you to connect your LMS with third-party applications. This concise guide is designed to provide you with the essential information needed to integrate and leverage the power of webhooks within the Academy LMS.

This documentation will walk you through the setup, configuration, and utilization of the Academy LMS Webhooks Addon. There are lots of websites that support Webhook configuration, but in this guide, we will show you how to set up Webhook with Pabbly Connect. Let’s get started!

Get the Delivery URL From Pabbly Connect #

To get the delivery URL from Pablly Connect, go to the Pabbly Connect website and click on Sign Up Free from the top right. 

signup for free

After successfully creating the account, click the Access Now button from the Pabbly Connect option.

click on access now button

Now click on Create Workflow.

create workflow

Set the name for workflow and select the folder.

create workflow
pabbly connect webhooks apps

Now search for Webhook, then select Webhook, and now you will get a Webhook URL.

webhooks url

Add a New Webhook #

After creating the Webhook, go back to Academy LMS Go to the Addon menu and enable the Webhook addon, then click on the settings icon. It will redirect you to the Webhook option.

Active Webhooks addone

Also, you can go to the Webhooks section by clicking on Webhooks from the Academy LMS dashboard menu option.

After appearing in the Webhooks section, click on the Add New Webhooks button.

Add New Webhook

Upon selecting “Add New Webhook,” you will be presented with the following window.

Add New Webhook

Now fill up all the information:

  1. Webhook Title: Set a title for the Webhook.
  2. Status: Set the status “Publish” if you want to make the Webhook active.
  3. Events: Select the events you want to send data about. We have a lot of event data available.
  • Course Publish
  • Lesson Publish
  • Quiz Publish
  • New Enroll
  • Course Completed
  • Quiz Completed
  • Lesson Completed
  • New Instructor Registration
  • New Student Registration
  • New Course Review
  • New Question in a Course
  • New reply to question
  • Quiz attempts status pending
  • Quiz Attempt Status failed
  • Quiz Attempt Status passed
  • Announcement publish
  • Assignment publish (Pro)
  • Submitted assignment (Pro)
  • Evaluate submitted assignment (Pro)
  • Tutor Booking published (Pro)
  • Tutor Booking-booked (Pro)
  • Tutor Booking completed (Pro)
  • Assignment completed (Pro)
  • Zoom publish (Pro)
  • Tutor Booking review (Pro)
  • Course bundle publish (Pro)
  • Zoom completed (Pro)

Delivery URL: Enter the URL where you want to send data. As we have shown you, we have created a URL from Pabbly Connect.

Secret (Optional): This is an optional security measure that allows you to verify the authenticity and integrity of the data being transmitted. It helps ensure that the data has not been tampered with by an unauthorized party during transit.

After you have filled in all of the required information, click on Add Webhook to save the webhook. 

Congratulations! You have successfully set up Academy LMS Webhooks for sending data events from your LMS. For any further queries, feel free to join our Facebook community, subscribe to our YouTube channel for video tutorials, and stay updated by following us on Twitter.

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