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How to use Academy LMS instructor registration shortcode?

How to use Academy LMS instructor registration shortcode?

This documentation will show the uses of the Academy LMS Instructor registration shortcode.  

When you install Academy LMS on your WordPress site, Academy LMS automatically creates many types of pages for you, including an instructor registration page. 

academy  lms created pages

Or sometimes, due to setup issues, you may not have any pages. 

find no pages

Whether you found any instructor pages or not, you can create a custom instructor registration page for your eLearning site. Now we will show you how to do that. 

Gutenberg Example #

First, we will show you how to make an instructor registration page in the WordPress default editor, Gutenberg by using Academy LMS instructor registration shortcode.  Create a new page and start editing with Gutenberg. Then add a title for your instructor registration page. We are using the Instructor Registration Form. Now search for the Shortcode block from the top left

shortcode block in gutenberg

After selecting the shortcode block, type this shortcode or copy and paste this shortcode in your editor, then click on publish and preview.

Academy lms instructor shortcode using

After clicking on the preview, you will see this because you are already signed in to the Academy LMS. To see the actual changes, copy the link from the URL bar and try it with an incognito browser. 

Academy lms instructor shortcode preview in login mode

After seeing the incognito browser, you can find an instructor registration form like this below.   

Academy lms instructor shortcode registration form preview

This is how the instructor shortcodes work on Gutenberg. Next, we will see how to use the instructor shortcode in Elementor. 

Elementor Example #

You can also use the instructor shortcode in Elementor. Add a new page and start your page editing with Elementor. Search for the element box shortcode, then drag and drop the shortcode element and enter the shortcode in the box:


To watch the preview, publish the page and copy the link to see the change in the incognito browser, or you can see the changes in logout mode. 

Academy lms instructor shortcode using in elementor

Select the Page for Instructor Registration  #

You have successfully created an instructor registration page using the shortcode. Now, like your website post page setting, you have to select your instructor registration page for your eLearning site. 

To select your created instructor page, click on Academy LMS Settings in your WordPress dashboard, then click on Instructor Page and select the Instructor Registration page that you created.

select page for instructor shortcode

This is all about the Academy LMS Instructor shortcode. Please follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook community to connect. 

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