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How to Use Academy LMS Migration Tool?

How to Use Academy LMS Migration Tool?

Experience seamless migration with the next-gen Academy LMS Migration Tool, the top choice for transitioning from other LMS plugins to the fastest-growing solutions in the market. In this documentation, we will cover everything about the Academy LMS migration tool.

Currently, Academy LMS migration tools support LearnPress LMS, LearnDash LMS, Tutor LMS, LifterLMS, and Masterstudy LMS.

Our Suggestions Before Migration #

Attempting to migrate from one WordPress learning management system to another without a well-defined process can lead to a range of challenging issues. These may include file loss, migration-induced downtime, internal server errors, SSL certificate complications, and more.

All of these potential problems can significantly impede a seamless transition from one LMS to another.

To ensure a smooth and trouble-free migration, we recommend conducting a trial migration on a staging site, which is a clone of your real website. This allows you to identify and resolve any potential issues without affecting your live site.

Requirements Before Migration #

Before starting migration, you have to install and activate Academy LMS, your existing LMS plugin, and your WooCommerce plugin. 

Let’s Learn How to Use the Academy LMS Migration Tool #

When you are going to migrate from another LMS be sure you have enabled the Academy LMS Migration Addon.

enable Academy LMS Migration Tool

After enabling the addon, click on the Setting Icon and you will be redirected to the Academy LMS migration tool Alternatively, you can find the migration tool by clicking on Tools from the Academy LMS menu. 

Run Migration

Now choose the existing LMS you are using and click on that. After selecting your preferred LMS, all the show items will be migrated. So to migrate, click on Run Migration. Again, we are recommending you run the migration on a staging site first. 

Migrating items are not the same for all the LMS, so don’t be confused. Here is an image of a 100% successful migration. 

complete migration

Issues Can Be Found After Migrating #

After migrating, some issues can be found like your Course description and Lesson description being broken or showing some issues. To prevent and solve the course description issue edit your course description in the WordPress block editor.

convert to blocks

For the lesson description issue first click the 3 dot then click on the Convert to Block option.

convert to blocks

This is all about the Academy LMS migration tool. If you have any queries please join our Facebook community to ask your query. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for video tutorials, and also follow us on Twitter.

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