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How to use Academy LMS quiz builder?

How to use Academy LMS quiz builder?

Version 1.3.1 of the Academy LMS included a quiz builder feature with some remarkably useful settings. Now you can generate creative and engaging educational resources for learners using the quiz builder. 

The Academy LMS quiz builder will assist you in evaluating the student’s comprehension of the course provided on your eLearning site. With this version of the quiz builder, you will be able to take the following actions: 

  • Provide Quiz Title
  • Provide Quiz Summary 
  • Add Question
  • Provide Question Title 
  • Select Question Type
    • True/False
    • Single Choice 
    • Multiple Choice 
    • Short Answer
    • Image Answer
    • Fill in The Blank
  • Input options for the question and select the correct answer.
  • Upload Image 
  • Select Display Format for Answers
    • Only Text
    • Only Image 
    • Both Text & -++Image 
  • Description (Optional)
  • Randomize Answers 
  • Display points for the answers

Quiz builder is a free feature of Academy LMS. To use this feature, enable the Quizzes add-on from WordPress Admin > Academy LMS > Add-ons > Quizzes.

To create a quiz, you have to create a course first, and after creating one, navigate to the Course Builder section and start building a course by adding a new topic. 

Course Builder

After providing the Topic Name and Topic Summary, click the Add Topic button. As you can see, the topic is created that will be available like the following image. 

select item

Now When the Course Topic is created, click the Select Items Button. A new popup module will appear with options to create Lessons and Quizzes.  Select the Quiz tab and then click the Add New Quiz button to build your quiz step-by-step. 

add new quiz in quiz builder

After clicking the Add New Quiz button, you will be taken to the quiz builder interface. Here, you need to provide the Quiz Title, Quiz Summary and click Save & Next to move on to the next step.  

title and summary

On the following menu, you will be asked to Add Questions to the quiz. Click the Add Question and provide the required elements for the quiz. 

add question

By clicking Add Question, you will be redirected to the following interface. Next, you must provide the Question Title & Question Type. We’ve provided the question’s title, type, and input options. 

In this version of Academy LMS, you will get the following question types: 

  • True/False
  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer [Pro]
  • Image Answer [Pro]
  • Fill in The Blank [Pro]
add question section

Now click Add Question to move on to the next phase, where you can see the question you just created.

save question

You can edit or remove the question from this interface. When you are done, click Save & Next to proceed. The last step of the quiz builder is Settings, where you have to set some crucial options.

complete all quiz setting and save


In the Settings area, you can set the

  • Time Limit of the quiz (In Seconds, Minutes, and Hours)
  • Hide or show the Quiz time
  • Set Passing Grade by percentage  
  • Set Quiz Feedback Mode 
    • Default – Answers are shown after the quiz is finished 
    • Retry Mode – Unlimited attempts on each question
  • Set Question Order (Random, Sorting, Ascending)
  • Hide or Show Question number 
  • Content Drip Settings [If activated]

After clicking the Finish button, you will see the quiz just appeared in the Select Items section.  Now, select the quiz that you just created by placing a tick mark on the left side of that quiz. Close the popup by clicking the cross button on the top right corner  

select quiz

After selecting the quiz and closing the popup, you will be able to see the Quiz on the Course Builder. 

quiz in the course builder

Now, the quiz has been added to the Course- Introduction to HTML.  When a student starts the course, he will see the course and the assigned quiz with it. 

quiz overview

So after finishing the course, a student can start the quiz by clicking the quiz. Students click the Start Quiz button to proceed with the quiz. 

start quiz

After starting the quiz, students will be prompted with the quiz. As you can see, the quiz we’ve created previously is shown here. Click the Finish button after completing the quiz. 


After clicking the Finish button, students will be able to see the Date, Questions, Marks, Answer, Result, and Details of the quiz.

quiz details

Since you’ve seen how the quiz is created via course builder and attempted the quiz, it’s time to see a different approach to creating the quiz. Go back to your eLearning site and Click Academy LMS > All Quizzes. 

In the All Quizzes section, you can directly create a new quiz by clicking the Add New Quiz button. Also, you can view all the previously created quizzes in this section. 

create new quiz

So, this is how you can create a quiz and manage it using the Academy LMS quiz builder. We are constantly working on updating Quiz builder along with other features, and we would appreciate your suggestion on improving this feature. 

If you need further clarification on this feature, feel free to contact us; you can also join our Facebook or Twitter community. 

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