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How to Use MailChimp with Academy LMS?

How to Use MailChimp with Academy LMS?

Academy LMS improves your email management process with the Mailchimp Addon. It automates email campaigns for different user interactions. You will get segmented user groups, personalized email triggers, and complete analytics on email performance. 

Prerequisite #

You must Install and Activate Academy LMS 2.0 Free and Pro versions for this add-on to work.

Activate Mailchimp Addon  #

To use Mailchimp with Academy LMS, you need to activate the Mailchimp Add-on. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Academy LMS menus. Locate and click on Add-Ons.

find academy lms menu

Scroll down to find the Mailchimp add-on and turn it on. 

enable mailchimp for using mailchimp with academy lms

Now click Settings from the Academy LMS menus and go to Advanced. The Mailchimp option is currently available here. As you can see, an API key is required to connect Mailchimp with Academy LMS. 

MailChimp options

Getting Mailchimp API Key  #

Go to your Mailchimp Account, navigate to the Mailchimp dashboard, click on your profile, and click Account & Billing. 

account and billing

Now click on Extras > API Keys to generate an API key to connect with Academy LMS. 

api keys

You can provide your API Key Name and click Generate Key to create one from here. 

api key name

Click Copy to Clipboard to copy your API Key, and then click Done.

copy new apni key

Navigate to Academy LMS > Settings > Advanced > Mailchimp and enter the API key in the black space. You will receive a notification stating that the API key has been verified successfully. Click the Save button to save all changes. 

insert apni key and save

Configuring Mailchimp From Academy LMS #

You will now get the Trigger option in Mailchimp, which can Trigger emails for actions such as Student Registration, Instructor Registration, and Course Enrollment


Simply click on the Add Trigger button and click Student Registration. This setting will trigger an email whenever a student registers at Academy LSM and inserts the email at Mailchimp. 

select student registration

Since we’ve copied the API, the Default List, Default Group, and Default Interest have been added. We’ve selected the List, Group, and Interest for Student Registration from the drop-down menu. 

students settings

Again, click the Add Trigger button, click Instructor registration, and select Default List, Default Group, and Default Interest to trigger email at Mailchimp. 

instruction registraion option

Similarly, click the Add Trigger button, click Course Enroll, and select Default List, Default Group, and Default Interest to trigger an email at Mailchimp. 

course enroll option for mailchimp

To save the changes, click the Save button. 

save settings

Triggering Email for Student Registration  #

First, navigate to Settings > General and put a tick mark on Anyone can register. Then click Save Settings to save the changes. 

turn on anyone can register

Now go to your Academy LMS installed website and check whether these triggers are working or not. First off, click Student Registration.

click student registration

Please enter a valid email address and password and confirm your password in the Student Registration form. Then click the Register As Student button.

Upon successful registration process, you will get a notification: Registration was completed successfully. Redirecting. 

registration completed message

If you see the message – Sorry, Admin disabled new registration, that means you did not tick mark the anyone can register. So, go back to Settings > General and ensure you have marked the “Anyone can register”!

needs to turn on Anyone can register

Head back to Mailchimp to see if the Student Registration triggered any action. Navigate to Audience > All Contacts. As we’ve configured, the registered email address has been added to Mailchimp Contacts with the given group category Test Group 2.

Triggering Email for Instructor Registration #

Let’s do the same thing: check if Instructor registration triggers an email in Mailchimp. Then, let’s register as Instructors. Go back to your website and click Instructor Registration.      

click on instructor registraiton

You will be prompted with an Instructor registration form where you need to enter a valid Email address, Password, and Confirm Password. Then click the Register As Instructor button to complete the student registration process.

register as instructor

By clicking Register As Instructor, you will see a notification that registration was completed successfully. Now, head back to Mailchimp, refresh the browser, and navigate to Audience > All Contacts. There, you can see your registered email address as an instructor has been added to the Mailchimp Contact list.

subscriber list

Trigger Email for Course Enrollment  #

Course enrollment also triggers email in Mailchimp, so let’s create a course first.  Go to Academy LMS > Courses. Then click Add New Course.

Fill out the necessary course information, including the course title and description. Then, click the Publish button to publish the course on your website. 

publish course

Now, go back to the front end of your website and click Courses to view the published course.  

click on course

Your recently published course is visible here. Click the course to view the details related to the course.

select a course

Click the Enroll Now button and wait for the enrollment process to complete.  

enroll course

Head back to Mailchimp > Audience > All Contacts, where the enrolled students’ email ID is visible. 

That is how the Mailchimp Add-on manages your emails from Academy LMS!