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Academy LMS Tutor Booking: Your One-Stop Solution for Booking

Academy LMS Tutor Booking: Your One-Stop Solution for Booking

The best learning management system, Academy LMS, links students with outstanding tutors who can offer academic or educational support in various courses and skills. Students may quickly choose tutors using our user-friendly interface, select them based on their unique requirements and preferences, and set up bookings that work with their busy schedules.

Students receive one-on-one teaching and direction from a committed instructor who modifies and customizes their training based on their particular requirements and learning preferences during the tutoring session.

During the tutoring session, tutors offer feedback on the student’s progress and suggest additional resources or strategies for further improvement. At Academy LMS, we are dedicated to giving students a thorough and individualized learning experience suited to their particular requirements, assisting them in realizing their full potential and succeeding academically.

Note: Tutor Booking is a Pro Addon of Academy LMS.

Enabling Academy LMS Tutor Bookings And Add Bookings #

To enable Academy LMS Tutor Booking, click on Academy LMS from your WordPress dashboard and click on Addons, Go down a bit and turn on Tutor Bookings, and then click on the settings icon

enable tutor booking and click on setting icon

As soon as tutor booking is enabled, a new menu option will be added to the Academy SMS menu Tutor Booking. You can also add a booking by clicking the Tutor booking option instead of setting it. Here, you can see all your bookings according to the schedule and also see whether they are free or paid. 

Add a Tutor Booking #

To add a tutor booking, click on Add Booking. 

add booking

You need to Set a title for your tutor booking, also you can add a category for your tutor booking and tags. After filling them up, go down a bit.

title for tutor booking

In this section, you need to set all of these: 

  1. You need to set your booking type as free or paid here, if you set it as paid just like creating a normal WooCommerce product, you need to create a paid product for tutor booking.
  2. Set your class type as Live Class or Pre-Recorded Class.
  3. Set your time zone. 
  4. Set your booking class Duration as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.
  5. Set your schedule type as Single or Repeated Days.
  6. Set your Schedule Date, if you set the schedule type as repeated days it will differ, we show the settings below with a screenshot. 
  7. From the right side, you can set your Booking features image. 
fill information and add booking for single days
  1. If you select Repeated Days for Schedule Types, you need to set the day and time of your booking first. If you want to make two or more bookings on the same day, click on the Add Fields button and set another time. And to book on any other day of the same week, click on Add Day and set the booking time for the day.
fill information and add booking for repeated days

Now that all your settings have been modified, you can set up your booking by clicking on the “Add Booking” button from the bottom right side. 

tutor booking preview

Now you have successfully added a booking. And to see your created booking, click on the following place. 

tutor booking preview

How a Student Confirm a Tutor Booking #

When you enable the Tutor Booking Addon, you will see a menu called Tutor Booking in your menu bar, clicking on Tutor Booking from the menu bar will take a student to the tutor schedule page. Now click on the subject the student needs to book from here. 

my tutor booking page

Now a page like a booking overview of both will appear, and from the calendar dates below, your student will select the required available date and time to confirm the booking.

confirm the booking

Showing Booking Details For Instructor And Student #

When a booking is confirmed, where can the student and instructor view it and customize it as needed? To view the confirmed tutor bookings, the instructor or the student must view them from their own dashboard. From the My Booking option on the student’s dashboard, the student can see which subjects have been booked.

my booking

And the instructor can view all bookings and schedule tutor bookings from his dashboard. And by clicking on add booking from above, the instructor can add more bookings by following the above process. 

view all bookings and schedule tutor bookings

And this is all the process of tutor booking: how to add a booking and how to confirm a booking. If you need even more instruction, then please join our Facebook community to ask questions and follow us on Twitter for all of our latest updates.

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