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How to embed Canva design in Academy LMS?

How to embed Canva design in Academy LMS?

If you need to or want to embed Canva design or presentation in the Academy LMS, follow these steps.

Step 1: Ensure you have opened an account and created a Canva design or presentation before embedding. 

Step 2: Open the project where you created your design. 

embed Canva design.

Step 3: After opening your design, click on “Share and More.”

share option

Step 4: Now click on “Embed.”

embed option

Step 5: After clicking on embed, you will find two embed link HTML embed code and a smart embed link. From there, you have to copy the “smart embed link.”

copy embed canva design link

All the basics have been done. Now you have to go back to your Academy LMS platform. 

Step 6: Now open the course where you want to embed Canva design.

Add New course

fter opening the course, go to the course builder section and add New Curriculum. Give a Curriculum name and summary. 

Add New Curriculum

After adding a new curriculum you will see the Add Content option, from there, click on Add Content, and you will see the option lesson. Click on Add Lesson.

Add Lesson

Step 7: Enter all of the basic information for the lesson and proceed to the video source option by scrolling down and selecting the Embedded option.  Now paste the smart embed link you copied from Canva into the box and click “Add Lesson.” 

Embedded and Past URL

After clicking on “add lesson,” your lesson will be created, as you can see a new lesson added in the course builder.

new lesson

After finishing all things, close the modals, go back to the main page of your course, and click on the Update button to add the lesson to your course.

update course

To view the embed Canva design in your course, click on the permalink and launch the course; you will notice that you embedded a Canva design, which will appear as a lesson and display as a presentation.

showing canva design

This is all about how to embed Canva design to your course; if you need to know more about this, then join our Facebook community to ask questions and follow our Twitter account for our all-new update. 

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