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How to Use SCORM Content in Academy LMS?

How to Use SCORM Content in Academy LMS?

Academy LMS SCORM is your gateway to a seamless eLearning experience on your WordPress site. This comprehensive documentation will guide you through effortlessly importing SCORM courses, monitoring learner progress, and generating insightful reports. 

With Academy LMS SCORM, you can harness the power of SCORM standards to transform your WordPress site into a fully SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

Academy LMS Support SCORM version 1.2 and 2004. Let’s start the process of learning how to use SCORM content in Academy LMS.

Enable Academy LMS SCORM Addon #

First, enable the Academy LMS SCORM addon from the Academy LMS addons menu. Then scroll down, and you will find the SCORM addon. Toggle the button and enable the addon. 

enable Academy LMS scorm addon in order to know how to use SCORM content in Academy LMS

Upload SCORM Content #

After enabling the SCORM addon it turns to add your SCORM content to a course. Create a new course by setting the title, description, and all the necessary things. Then you can see a Upload SCORM Package under course builder. This is the option for upload you SCORM content. 

upload scorm file

From there click on Choose File and upload your SCORM file. After uploading the file publish your course if you are creating a new one, or update the course if you are using an existing course for SCORM content. 

click on the permalink

Then click on the Permalink. Now start the course. Here you can see your SCORM content. 

scorm content preview

Note: Here is something you need to know about the SCORM course in Academy LMS. If you add SCORM content to any of your existing courses, all of your previously created lessons, quizzes, assignments, and other course content not will be available. 

This is how to use SCORM content in Academy LMS. If you need some more assistance please join our Facebook community to ask questions, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for Academy LMS video tutorials. You can also follow us on Twitter.

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