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How to Use Academy LMS SureCart Integration?

How to Use Academy LMS SureCart Integration?

You can now use SureCart with Academy LMS. 

SureCart is a free WordPress plugin that will help you to sell your online courses through your eLearning website created with the Academy LMS.

Now, let’s guide you how you can use Academy LMS SureCart Integration.

Step 1: You need to Install and Activate the Academy LMS and SureCart Addon.

enable Academy LMS SureCart Integration

Both of the plugins are necessary to use this desired feature.

install surecart plugin

Step 2: Now, you need to Enable the SureCart addon.

enable surecart addon

Go to Academy LMS > Add-ons. You’ll find all the available addons here. Look for the SureCart Addon and enable it using the toggle.

Step 3: Make sure you have created courses (which we presume you already have!) 

all your created courses

Otherwise you can check our documentation on creating courses by clicking HERE!

Step 4: Now, you need to create a product on SureCart.

Go to SureCart > Products. You can see all the available products created in SureCart here.

To add a new product, click the  “Add New” button. Now, you need to go through the following setup options:

add new product in surecart
  • Add a product name (Must)
  • Add a product description (Optional)
  • Add product image (Optional)
  • Add product price (Must)  [There are multiple pricing options here. Choose the one you require.]

Step 5: Now comes the most important part. You need to add the integration with Academy LMS.

Scroll down in the product creation page till you see the “Integration” section. Click on “+ Add new integration” to open the Add Integration window.

Add new integration” to open the Add Integration window.

Select Academy LMS from the dropdown.

add academy lms from dropdown

Now, you’ll see the “Course Access” options. Click on it and select the course you want to sell. (The course needs to be created with academy LMS.)

select course

Now, click the “Add Integration” button on the window.

add integration

Optional Step: You can also enable Tax and limit the per customer purchase from SureCart.

Tax and limit the per customer purchase from SureCart

Step 6: Don’t forget to click “Save Product” after doing all the customizations.

save product

Now, your course is ready to be purchased by the users.

overview of paid course by surecart

The checkout process is quite simple and minimal. Fill in all the necessary details and click the Purchase button.

check out page

And, you’re done.

This is how to use the Academy LMS SureCart addon. Hopefully, you can easily use this amazing feature on your eLearning website.

Note: This documentation is based on the Academy LMS 2.0 Beta Version. Any misinformation or updates will be made once the Academy LMS 2.0 Stable release is LIVE! Also, don’t forget to mention any bugs or issues in our Facebook group or live support!

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