How to use Academy LMS manual enrollment?

You may manually enroll students in a course from the administration panel with the help of the Manual Enrollments add-on. You can search for students and give them courses manually from a single interface. 

The registered students and their associated courses are also displayed in this add-on. Therefore, you may also drop students from classes if you so desire.

You must first enable the add-on from Academy LMS > Add-ons > Manual Enrollments in order to use the manual enrollment feature.

manual enrollment enabling

The new menu option in Academy LMS won’t appear until you reload the WordPress dashboard.

After the add-on is activated, click on the settings icon. It will redirect you to the manual enrollment option, and here you can view the students who have signed up for your classes by clicking on that. Manual enrolment is also available by selecting “Student” from the Academy LMS navigation menu. 

enroll student

This popup will appear when you click the “Enroll Student” button at the top to enroll students. You may manually choose a course and enroll students in the course from this window. Remember one thing, first, you have to select a course to enroll a student manually.  

After selecting the course and student, click on the “Enroll Now”  button, and your student will enroll manually.

select course and student for manually enrolment

You may also read this documentation: How to cancel enrolment?

This is how Academy LMS manual enrollment works. If you have any concerns or questions, please join our Facebook community to ask questions and follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date information. 

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