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How to Use Academy LMS Google Meet Integration?

How to Use Academy LMS Google Meet Integration?

Conduct live sessions in your Academy LMS courses using Google Meet! This guide will walk you through enabling the Google Meet integration and setting up meetings for your courses and lessons.

Important Note: The Academy LMS Google Meet integration requires the Academy LMS Pro plugin (version 2.0 or higher) and the free version of Academy LMS 2.0 or higher for using Google Meet integration. 

Generating API Credentials #

To connect with Google Meet, you’ll need to create Google App Credentials. Head over to the Google Cloud Platform Console and follow the below steps.

Step 1 Project Selection: In the top left corner, choose a project for your credentials. If you don’t have one, follow the prompts to create a new project.

create project for Academy LMS Google Meet Integration

Step 2: Set a name for your project here, and click on Create.

click on create

Step 3: Now from the Dashboards section, click Enable APIs and Services.

Enable APIs and Services

Step 4: Search in the box for Google Calendar.


Search in the box for Google Calendar

Click Enable to activate the Google Calander API for this project.

Click Enable to activate the Google Calander API

Step 5: In the Google Calendar API dashboard, click Create Credentials.

click Create Credentials

Step 6: Select User data as the data type and click Next.

Select User data as the data type

Step 7: Name your app and provide contact emails for user support and developers from the OAuth Consent Screen section.

fill all finformation from oauth consent screen

Step 8: After that, pick the OAuth Client ID. Choose “Web application” for your app type. Then, set an Authorized Redirect URI.

pick the OAuth Client ID

Step 9: To find the Authorized URL, go back to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Academy LMS > Meeting. Copy the link from the URL bar and paste it into the Authorized redirect URI field in the Google Cloud Platform Console. Click Save.

Copy the link from the URL bar

Set 10: After creating the credentials, download the JSON file by clicking the download icon.

download the JSON file

Step 11: Finally, click on the OAuth consent screen tab and then Publish App. This allows Academy LMS and Google to interact for the integration.

click on the OAuth consent screen tab and then Publish App

Now go back to the WordPress dashboard to integrate Academy LMS with Google Meet.

Setting the Meeting Addon #

Step 1: To use Academy LMS and Google integration, you first need to Enable Meeting Addon. 

Head over to Academy LMS and navigate to Add-ons. There, you’ll see a list of available addons. Find the Meeting Addon and turn it on by toggling the switch.

enable meeting addon

Step 2: After enabling the meeting addon a new section will add in the Academy LMS menu, click on that, or click on the redirect link to access the meeting menus option.

Now you will see this window, where you have to click on Setup Button.

click on Setup Button

Step 3: From this window click on Setup API beside Google Meet.

Setup API for Google Meet

Step 4: Now you will have the option to upload a file. Click Browse File and upload the JSON file you downloaded earlier. This authenticates your website with the Google Meet API.

Click Browse File and upload the JSON file

Step 5: After uploading a JSON file wait a while then you will have this window. Click on Redirect

Click on Redirect

This will redirect you to Google Consent page, Enter the email address you want to use and grant all necessary permissions for Academy LMS to access Google Meet. 

Step 6: You need to log in to your Google account to use Google Meet.

choose Google account

Step 7: Now you have done with the Google Meet setup. Completing all those steps you will redirect this window where you can create a meeting with Google Meet. 

Click on Add new Meeting

Create a Meeting With Google Meet #

Step 1: This window will pop up by clicking on Add New Meeting, then click Create Meeting beside Google Meet.

click Create Meeting

Step 2: Fill in all the information like Meeting name, Meeting Summary, Time Zone, Meeting Start Time, and Meeting End Time, and after completing all these click on Add Meeting button.

click on Add Meeting button

Step 3: Clicking on Add Meeting, you can now see your created meeting on this meeting page. You can also edit these meetings from this page.

all your created meeting

You will find your created meeting in the Google calendar.

Adding Google Meet Meeting In a Course #

Step 1: Choose a course where you want to add a Google Meet meeting and open that course. Then go to the course builder, open the edit mode of all lessons, and click on Add Content.

click on Add Content

Step 2: From here, you have the option to Add a Meeting, click on Add Meeting.

click on add meeting

Step 3: From here, you have to select Create Meeting from beside Google Meeting.

create meeting

Step 4: Now fill in all the information like you passed you do that in the Meeting Addon section.

add new google meet meeting

After successfully adding the meeting, you can see the Meeting section added to your lesson like this below. You can also create a new curriculum to add your Google Meet meeting to your course in the same way.

Step 5: When you add your meeting to your course never forget to scroll up and click on Update to add the meeting to your course. 

Google Meet meeting added

Existing Meeting Add to a Course #

Adding an exciting Google Meet meeting to a course is very simple.

Step 1: Click on Add Content, then select Existing Topics and click on Meeting. You will see all of your created meetings here. Tick mark in box to add the Google Meet meeting you want to add to the course. 

Add exsiting Google Meet meeting to a course

Step 2: Here are your selected meetings added to the course. To save these, scroll up and click on Update

This is how to use the Academy LMS Google Meet integration. Hopefully, this integration will help you in the process of using Google Meet effortlessly on your eLearning website.

Note: This documentation is based on the Academy LMS 2.0 Beta Version. Any misinformation or updates will be made once the Academy LMS 2.0 Stable release is LIVE! Also, don’t forget to mention any bugs or issues in our Facebook group or live support!

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