Our Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you’ve read all the terms and conditions, understand them fully, and given your consent to them before you’ve registered/signed up on Academy LMS, downloaded any of its downloadable products, or used any of them for your own purposes.

Note: If you use Academy LMS or any of our products, we will presume that you have agreed to the terms and conditions that we’ve outlined here.

Note: We are not obligated to provide prior notification if we decide to amend or modify the terms and conditions at any point in the future.

Product Delivery

You can download all the products of Academy LMS after logging into your WordPress site. You can also download the free products and addons from WordPress.org. All the premium products are available for download upon purchase.

You will be allowed to download the paid items when the payment is received and validated. We accept various payment methods, including all major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe MasterCard, Visa cards, and so on. Before purchasing our items, it is mandatory that you accept our terms & conditions.

Your order details and purchase information will be sent to your provided email address. To download any of our free or premium products, you wont to need to open an account on our site. Anyone using a WordPress site can download the free and pro plugin and use them on their site.

There are occasional instances when your payment is unsuccessful, so in those cases, we manually check and process the download information. Therefore, when a fraud alert occurs, the delays may range from one hour to twenty-four hours. It also depends on the circumstance and depth of the investigation needed.

Compatibility & Updates

The Academy LMS plugins and Addons are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. All the major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, are supported by Academy LMS themes, plugins, and add-ons.

For the time being, we aren’t providing any support for the Internet Explorer browser.

All our customers, including free and pro users, get access to product updates for the duration of the time frame specified in the product description. The support still exists for the customers even if the license for the pro users has expired. So, you may continue to utilize installed items (such as themes and plugins).

Product Modifications

You can make modifications to any of our products according to your preference in accordance with our policies. Be aware that before making any modification, you should examine the documentation page and communicate with us through email to see whether there is a quicker and more effective method to apply the modifications.

To apply the modifications, we recommend mail to [email protected]

Any modifications that are done directly inside the plugin itself will make the support license invalid or void. The Academy LMS team is not obligated to provide assistance for installations that have been modified without any consent.

Illegal or Unauthorized Usage

We hold the right to suspend access to your user account immediately if we find out that you are trying to take advantage of our license and abuse it or harm our business in any way.

If you’ve created an account on the Academy LMS website, it is your responsibility to keep your account secure. You are solely responsible for any activity that takes place in your account, as well as any other action related to your account. We strongly recommend you report to the Academy LMS team as soon as you notice any unauthorized use of your account or a security breach.

Academy LMS Product Licensing and Usage

All the themes and plugins created by Academy LMS are licensed under GPLv3

Age Requirements for Using Our Products

By registering for any Academy LMS product, you are declaring that you are at least 18 years old. You are also agreeing that you’ve got the age of the majority in your authority of residence and have the consent of a legal parent and guardian, and are fully capable of entering into the terms and conditions declared by us.

Our products are not designed with young customers in mind. If for whatever reason, you are younger than 13, we ask that you do not make use of our products.

Support Policy

You can expect a certain level of support from Academy LMS, and our support policy outlines how that support will be provided. After downloading a product of Academy LMS, you are entitled to ask for help with any issue that you face while using one of our product (s).

After receiving a proper support request that is complete and easy to comprehend, our support team will make every possible effort to respond with a solution through email as well as our support system.

In this section, we will provide the specific rules that we have in place for support.

1. Language of Support

For the time being, our customer service is only available in the English language. Since we appreciate our customers highly and anticipate that they will submit a request for help in English that is understandable and polite. This will prevent us from having to speculate as to what it is that you specifically require from us. That is why we want you to be as clear as possible.

2. Support Priority

Our support priority is open to all, and we prioritize both free and premium users. Both free and premium users will get the same quality of support from us. As long as you are using a product created by us, we will try to provide the best quality of support to them. Even if the license expires, we will continue to support that client.

3. Support Channels

Academy LMS offers support using through email, the Academy LMS website, WordPress.org, knowledge-based content, support forums, and tutorials. We do have a presence on social media platforms. But we are not providing support using any other format channels, particularly not through Facebook, Twitter, or private messages (PMs).

We have covered a lot of issues related to Academy LMS in the documentation section, how-to guides, and FAQs. So, before opening a support ticket, don’t forget to explore our documentation for a particular solution. You might get your answers in the documentation section for the product that you are using.

4. Our Supported WordPress Versions

Starting from WordPress Version 5.0 or later

5. What Our Support Offers

Any compatibility issue with WordPress and error that occurs after a fresh installation

Assist with any functionality of our product that is not provided in our documentation

Issues with a feature that is causing errors or breaking your site

Issues with Academy LMS plugins and themes installation

6. What our Support Does Not Offer

Software damage or malfunction caused by a cyber attack or hackers.

Outdated versions of PHP, MySQL, or other programs that create problems

Product acquired from sources other than Academy LMS

Compatibility issues due to installing third-party apps

If you cannot provide us with the target website URL and login access to the backend of the WordPress website.

Any issues or bugs in the PHP or JavaScript customization of the product's code

We are not providing support for any version of Internet Explorer.

7. Support For Modification

We are aware that there is a distinction between what counts as support and what is considered a modification. We will assist you if you require minor modification and customization support that only requires us to modify a few lines of CSS or JS code.

Our support team is mostly occupied with a variety of support issues. However, our support team will allocate up to 1/2 Hours of CSS customization that is free of cost.

There are two choices available if your support query calls for further product modification:

You may have to wait for the next release with further modifications.

Consider working with a developer by hiring one. Additionally, you may contact the suggested businesses or developers by posting on our Facebook groups.

Anti-Fraudulent Measures

All our paid customers’ purchases may be on hold while the payment process is fully reviewed and anti-fraud checks are completed. We send complete purchase information to our customers. Also, an email containing all the information regarding the payment is sent to the customers.

We conduct anti-fraud checks due to the increasing amount of fraudulent transactions made by those who aren’t genuine cardholders. It takes 24 hours for a manual anti-fraud check, and the customer’s account may be suspended during that time. But we may take a longer time when further investigation is necessary.

Changes on Price

Academy LMS holds the right to modify the price from time to time or at any time. Also, we may modify or discontinue a product temporarily or permanently with or without any notice. But we always try to notify our customers about the modifications that we apply to our products.

Product Refunds

We are currently offering 14 days return policy which is customer friendly(No Questions Ask).

At WordPress.org, a free version of our plugin is available for all WordPress users. Please try our free product with full support before purchasing our premium product. You can also discuss certain features that you specifically need for your eLearning website.

Product Warranty

Academy LMS products come as it is and without any explicit or implied warranties of any sort. Each Academy LMS product is guaranteed to operate as intended upon proper installation, activation, and options setup in the most recent version of WordPress version.

Academy LMS is not guaranteeing any compatibility with the 3rd party plugin since there are too many third-party plugins to support. We cannot guarantee that the plugins and themes created

By Academy LMS will function adequately with every browser combination. So, ensure that your browser is compatible with the themes and plugins.

In no event shall our legal entity be accountable for any damages, including but not confined to direct, indirect, special, incidental, or substantial damages or other setbacks arising from the utilization or inability to use our products.

There are some true-type fonts (TTF) and stock images that might be utilized on any or all of the products that we offer. But we do not have any permission or license to distribute such images. These require that you either own them or acquire them from the owners who created them.

You are not allowed to use the images and videos that we’ve used in the demo version of our product. But you can only use it for the purpose of demonstrating those features to potential customers.

Academy LMS reserves the right to change or modify the existing Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.

Lifetime License

The word “Lifetime” refers to the amount of time that the product will be available. It does not imply the lifespan of the purchaser or any other assumption that may be made about the period. When the product is purchased, the lifespan of the product is not determined.

When the product is purchased, the lifespan of the product is not defined. Academy LMS retains the right to notify the customers between 30 and 90 days’ notice before announcing that a product’s lifetime has come to an end.

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