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How to use Academy LMS PDF shortcode?

How to use Academy LMS PDF shortcode?

Welcome back! This documentation will guide you on how to use the Academy LMS PDF Shortcode. With PDF shortcode, you can display the PDF file in detail by setting the link, height, and width. 

Here is the Academy LMS PDF shortcode:  [academy_pdf src=”” width=”” height=””]

Using PDF Shortcode Course Builder #

Basically, you can use the PDF shortcode  [academy_pdf src=”” width=”” height=””] on any page of your eLearning site. But we are representing the most logical use of the PDF shortcode while using the Academy LMS Course. Because displaying the pdf view on the course details page and Lesson section will be the proper utilization of this shortcode. 

After logging into your eLearning website, go to Academy LMS > All Courses and then select a course. We’ve selected a course form here, which was created by default.

edit course

After getting into the course, click PDF Embedder to upload a PDF file inside the course details section. 

click PDF Embedder

After clicking the PDF Embedder section, you will be redirected to a page from where you can upload the PDF file. You can also manually place the PDF shortcode and place the additional info, such as width and height manually. Here is the shortcode after placing all the required info in it: 

[academy_pdf src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]


After placing the shortcode, simply click the Update button. Next, click the permalink to view the course details page. 


By clicking the permalink, you will be taken to the course details page. On this page, you can view the PDF file right after the course details since we have placed it there.  

pdf file overview

Well, we’ve successfully placed the PDF file in the course overview section. Now let’s see how you can add the PDF shortcode inside a lesson of a course. 

Go to All Courses and click on a previously created course. After getting inside the course, scroll down and go to the Course Builder section, click Add New Topic,  provide the Topic Name, and Topic Summary. 

Add New Topic

When you are done, click the Add Topic button, and your course topic is created. Now simply click the Select Items button to add new topics. 

add new topic

After clicking the Select Items, you will be prompted with a window where you can Add New Lessons. Now, click the Add New Lesson button to create new lessons for this course. 

add new lesson

First, provide the title of the lesson, and then in the lesson content section, insert the PDF shortcode and necessary data manually or click the PDF Embedder and add it. After adding the rest of the necessary data to your lesson, click the ADD Lesson.  

After adding the lesson, don’t forget to click the tickmark in the box beside the lesson you just created. 

click tickmark

Now, in the edit course section, click the Update button to update the course with the actions that you’ve taken. Then click the permalink to view the course page and review the lesson section. 

click the permalink

After clicking the permalink, you will be taken directly to the course page. Now scroll down a bit to view the course that you just created.  To view the content of the course, let’s start the course. 

start course

By clicking the Start Course button, you will be able to view the lesson and its content. As you can see, the PDF file that we’ve embedded using the PDF shortcode is visible in this section. 

PDF shortcode view

So, this is how the Academy PDF shortcode works on the course & the lesson section of your eLearning site. If you still have any confusion or queries on PDF Shortcode, feel free to contact us; you can also join our Facebook community or Twitter

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