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How to use Academy Certificate Builder?

How to use Academy Certificate Builder?

Academy Certificate Builder is another fantastic addon for eLearning sites powered by Academy LMS. While running an eLearning site, highlighting your students’ achievements is essential. This is due to the fact that students will be driven and interested in learning more after receiving a certificate. Furthermore, the certificate serves as verifiable evidence of their efforts that they can share.

Academy Certificate addon integrates professional certificates on your Academy LMS-powered site. Therefore, you can easily provide certificates to your students upon course completion. It enables you to design, customize, download, print, and also share certificates. The amazing part is – you can send certificates directly from your eLearning site’s dashboard.

So, today we will learn how to use Academy Certificate Builder on your eLearning site. After going through this article, you will be able to create lucrative certificates and acknowledge the learners who are enrolled on your eLearning site.  

Learn With Video Tutorial

Academy Certificate Addon Features  #

Before learning how to use this plugin, let’s introduce you to the features of Academy Certificate Pugin. Here are the features that this addon offers:  

  • User-friendly and simple Certificate Builder 
  • Complete Certificate Design 
  • Multiple certificate templates are available 
  • Easy to integrate addon with Academy LMS
  • Downloadable Certificates
  • Empowers Student Retention 

We have launched this plugin with all the essential features that are required at the moment. However, we’re always working to improve this add-on by adding new features that you’ll appreciate.

Utilizing the Academy Certificate Builder  #

Prerequisite #

You must first install the following plugin before you can install the Academy Certificate Builder on your website:

Academy LMS–  It is a cutting-edge LMS plugin for WordPress that offers the quickest interface for creating, customizing, and selling online courses. This plugin is essential if you love web-based learning.

Installation Process  #

Now we will walk you through the installation process of the Academy Certificate Builder Addon. 

The installation process of the Academy LMS Certificate Builder is really easy. First of all, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugin > Add new and search Academy Certificates plugin on the search bar. When the addon appears, install and activate it. 

You can also go to the WordPress plugin repository and download the addon from there. Then you can upload the plugin to your WordPress dashboard from the Plugin > Upload Plugin and then upload the zipped version of the plugin. 

academy certificate builder

Now, you just have to install and activate the plugin, as we’ve mentioned earlier. After activating the plugin, it’s time to create new certificates for your eLearning Website powered by Academy LMS. 

Create & Customize a Certificate #

One example certificate template is available in the Academy Certificate Addon. But we are working on adding more ready-made certificate templates to the template section. The pre-built template offered with this plugin is ideal for making any kind of certificate. But we will walk you through the process of creating a completely new template. 

add new template

You can either go directly to Add New Templates to create the certificate or go to Certificate Templates > Add New Templates. In Add New Templates section, you can create a new certificate template and customize it according to your preference. So let’s explore this option. 

template customization

By clicking Add New Template, you will get the following options that you can use to create and customize the certificate:

  • Title: Add the Title to your certificate. This title is also the heading of your certificate. 
  • Certificate Image: Upload a certificate image as a certificate background.
  • Default Style: This option allows you to customize the default position, typography, color, and text of your certificate. 
  • Heading Style:  You can customize the heading (Title) of the certificate. Set the position, typography, color, and text of the Heading. 
  • Message Style: Customize the position, typography, color, and text of the message.
  • Course Title Style: Customize the position, typography, color, and text of the Course Title. 
  • Course Complete Date Style: Customize the position, typography, color, and text of the  Complete Date 
  • Course Place Style: Customize the position, typography, color, and text of the  Course Place Style. 

Now, we’ll explain the process of creating a professional certificate utilizing the options listed above.

Title  #

 First of all, provide a title of your certificate like the following example. We’ve set the title as “Certificate of Completion.” 

title for certificate

Certificate Image  #

Now let’s add a beautiful certificate image according to your preference. Simply click the Set Certificate Image. 

certificate image

Click the Set Certificate Image and upload the certificate image from your local directory by selecting the file. We’ve selected a certificate image after downloading it from the local directory.

background image

Heading Style  #

Now let’s change the Heading Style of the certificate. First, Set the position of the heading on the certificate. After clicking the set position button, a grey layer will appear on the background image. In the grey layer, you simply need to left-click on your mouse and drag the area as you prefer. 

certificate settings

 Next, select the typography from the dropdown menu for the certificate’s text. In the typography option, you can also change the text alignment according to your preference. Then select the color of the text from the color option

Followed by editing the Heading text, which we’ve already set in the title option. Take a closer look at the following image: 

header position

Message Style #

Now, similar to the heading style, we’ve set the position, customized the typography and text alignment, changed the color, and edited the message text. 

set position

Course Title  #

Then let’s set the course title, the position of the course title, typography & text alignment, and the course title text. 

set color

Course Complete Date Style #

Now, set the Course complete date style just like the previous options. Set the position of the course date style, typography, and course completion date text. 

set position

Course Place Style  #

We are almost there! Now, set the course place style for the certificate, which is actually the institute or the organization where you’ve completed the course from. So, set the element’s position, select the typography, select the text color, and write the course place text. We’ve set the course place style text as “– Academy LMS.

setting position

When you are done customizing all the options & elements, click Save Draft and click the preview. If you are satisfied with the outlook of the certificate, simply click publish. 


Following this guide, let’s check out the final version of the certificate we’ve built. We’ve customized this certificate with basic settings, but you can always do more with your own creativity.  You can download and print this certificate directly from your eLearning website. 

download certificate

Now it’s your turn to create new certificates for your students by following our instructions. It’s pretty simple. But as we mentioned earlier, we will add more pre-made templates to minimize your effort in creating a professional certificate. 

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