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Academy LMS opens a doorway of opportunity for educational content creators around the world. By supporting us, you can increase your online presence in shaping the learning management system to the next level.

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Anyone with an interest in eLearning is eligible to join Academy LMS’s affiliate program. Earn extra cash by promoting our brand with your unique idea, whether you’re an educational industry expert or a newcomer.

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Create an online audience that is familiar with the realm of eLearning. Bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers, we're looking for you!

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Spread your expertise and knowledge online using Academy LMS. Include the affiliate link in your content and evolve with us

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Make money from your content by assisting others in making Academy LMS for their company. Their growth equals your evolution.

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Showcase your knowledge in the education industry and transform the lives of your clients by introducing them to Academy LMS

How To Become An Affiliate of Academy LMS?

We have simplified our affiliate procedure to guarantee user-friendliness while retaining a precise monitoring system. Here go the 4 easy steps to becoming an affiliate for us:


Get Approved

Promote Us

Earn Money


Have More Queries On Our Affiliate Program?

For further discussion, feel free to Contact Us

When you are approved for our affiliate program, you will get a link and access to our marketing package. Then you add your link banners to your product reviews and site. When a customer suggests or makes a purchase through your link, you earn a commission.

The possibilities are endless! Some of our affiliates make over $300 per month.

Not essential, however, it will be simpler to promote Academy LMS if you are more acquainted with it.

Automatic payments will be sent to your PayPal or other pre-arranged payment options.

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