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Easy to set up and stable to use

I have tried other LMS and was frustrated with the difficulty to set things up. I discovered Academy LMS and it’s exactly what I was looking for, lightweight and very customisable. There is an addon for the Elementor builder that turns a website into a dedicated training website but I only needed to add a training facility to an existing website for logged in users and the free version has been suitable to achieve this. If you do not use log in software, Academy LMS has the facility to handle registrations but I found it easier to disable this feature and let my existing software handle registrations (Ultimate Member) which is working fine, no conflicts. There are many customisations possible in customizer, but I prefer my own CSS which has worked well as almost everything can be targeted. Support are very helpful and reply very quickly. With the framework in place, for me the only thing I need is more features. For example, when a student clicks the ‘complete course’ button there is no way to know if they have actually viewed the course material. The Academy LMS team tell me they plan to improve this for a future update. The TinyMCE editor is very basic and there is no way to add ‘inline’ images currently. You add an image as an attachment or publish it on your site and then copy and paste it from the screen into your editor. Images are possible but it’s a crude way to do it and a training course depends on plenty of images. Again, the Academy LMS team are aware of this limitation and will be implementing a better editor in due course. So this is my review, I am excited to find a product where the priority has been for a stable design. Features can come with update and it’s good to know the Academy LMS team is working hard to improve the functionality. Thanks to the Academy LMS team, you guys have made a superb product.


Great help

I’m thankfull for fast help and good communication!


Great customer service

I really was struggling to add audio player in the course lesson. I’ve contacted them and within 1 hour they have added a new feature to add audio players. This is a real example of great customer service


Academy LMS is the best for e-learning

I have been using the plugin and it has solved my worries. I am using the plugin to create my online academy and it’s the best. The support is kind and reliable and the pricing is friendly.

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Academy LMS Review

From my experience with the Academy LMS, I prefer this LMS system due to its easy to use, elegant, and fast. The good thing is when I have any issue, it will be solved at once., thank you Academy LMS.

Ahmed Sabri1968

Lightweight Plugin & Attentive team

The tech team is super attentive in further upgrading this plugin. I got great assistance when I first host my course online. The plugin is lightweight and well-designed 🙂

Girl Bossinvest

WordPress Best LMS Plugins

Academy LMS is one of the few LMS plugins that offers a fascinating front-end manager race. The plugin is very light and easy to configure.


Awesome and easy to use

The plugin is a 5 star plugin, easy to use, the design is excellent, the best LMS to create online courses. Support service is flawless, fixed every issue in seconds.


Great LMS Responsive Team

Academy LMS is a fantastic system for anyone looking to launch their own on line courses and learning centers. Most importantly the team is very responsive and take feature requests seriously. I look forward to the few features I have asked for being implemented as it will make this the best LMS you can get for the money.


Easy to use plugin

I recommend this plugin. You can create courses easily and they have great customer support.

Ioana Ciobanu

One of the best LMS plugin

I just discovered to this amazing plugin and I am still amazed. It is very easy to use and visually is intuitive and fluid. It has a lot of features while other premium plugins do not have them. I’ve tried several LMS plugins and this is definitely one of the best. Keep the good job! 5/5.


Great support

Fast response and we worked out a solution until everything worked as needed.


Awesome Support & Good LMS plugin

Amaizing for LMS – Quality based LMS but Need some improvements like Online community with Buddy Boss, 2step Verification etc support.

Shaon Hossain45

best of the beast! i nearly tried all lms plug-ins

i tried neary every plug in on lms. this oone has the best backend and front-end experience on creating and editingba course . and features, maybe more than highly priced ones. above all the authors reply to your questions and problems immediately. and even make a major update on your problem and release. not just, take this code and paste to here.etc. best for none coders like me.. congratulations !


The best plugin to create an online course!!

I have based my whole website on this plugin and the result is amazing!! Support is also more than brilliant and are allways focused on helping you, no matter what! I could not be more satisfied with Academy LMS

Bnb david123

God Given

Thank you for creating this and keeping it up to date. We would not be able to have free online schooling for Pre K- 12th grade for all children throughout the world. We are able to provide free online learning for all even advanced college levels courses all for FREE. May your life be blessed abundantly and filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity.

Neo Mie6011

The best LMS plugin I’ve tested

I’ve tested a lot of LMS plugins, and this one tops them all, and it’s FREE! Other Premium LMS are a headache, while Academy LMS has a really user-friendly admin page.

Granted, the plugin is pretty new and I’ve had a lot of back-and-forth with support (I needed the plugin in a foreign language and a lot of strings were non-translatable), and ran into quite a few issues BUT!! Support is lightning fast and fixes ANYTHING within minutes! Within a few weeks I’ve seen the plugin evolve super fast and I can’t wait to see the Premium version and all the upcoming improvements that currently are in the pipeline. The student dashboard could be improved but I’m confident it will be improved soon. The course template can be customzed with Elementor and I can’t wait for every lesson content to be Elementor-friendly. I’ve exchanged with support a lot and I know that whatever bad reviews are complaining about is going to be fixed soon or has already been fixed. I’m really excited about this plugin! Thanks for the great work!!

Amber Flynn

Very cool LMS for creating an online school.

You guys are great you did a really good job to start with keep up the good work. I believe that your plugin will become one of the best.


Easier to use and Beautiful Interface

Academy LMS has a user-friendly interface, is easy to manage, and has flexible options to build an awesome e-learning platform.

Tunde Abdulhamid Sanusi

Academy LMS is Super LMS

Simple, Fast, Awesome LMS!

Amu Jaheed

Perfect 20 Stars

I love it when a plugin (a) works out the box, (b) is easy to use and understand (with clear instructions, and (c) does what it is supposed to do (without you having to BUY anything). LOVE it and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


The BEST LMS, not kidding.

If you just need a FAST and LIGHTWEIGHT lms plugin then acedemy LMS is for you. I was trying to search for ages for a optimized lms plugin that uses the least ram as possible and that do not slow down wp-admin. This one is the KEY. Please keep it that way! Thank you so much for doing this.


The Best!!!!

Incredible LMS. It`s awesome, really, thanks for your work


Very userfriendly!

Very userfriendly to set up and to use and they already give lots of tools in the free version.


Excellent plugin!

Easy to use and very fast support!

Ciuca Adrian11

Easy to manage and flexible

I used it and loved it. I didn’t need any documentation to use it. Too easy to set up and the front view is awesome. Lessons management is perfect for me with the plugin.

Nazrul Islam Nayan

Easy and Awesome!

This plugin really creates some value for your LMS. It’s easy to set up and run smoothly so far. Thanks to the team!

Shamser Suzon

Super Service!

Super Service!

Mar Tim

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