Introducing Academy LMS 2.0

Introducing Academy LMS 2.0: Enhanced Features

It is our great pleasure to introduce the Academy LMS 2.0, which includes a set of new features and an updated interface that will improve your eLearning journey.

It has the capacity to greatly enhance possibility and convenience, ensuring that education and students both get what they need easily and efficiently.

Prepare to be amazed by the groundbreaking Academy LMS 2.0. This update produces not only new changes but also a new outlook, which greatly boosts eLearning opportunities.

So, let me Welcome you to the NEW Academy LMS 2.0!

New Integrations in Academy LMS 2.0

When it comes to working with hectic tasks, multiple solutions have been integrated into the new Academy LMS. And now, by using these, you can take your eLearning website to a whole new level like no one else.

Alright, let’s not get too carried away and show you the brilliant options that you could integrate!


The SureCart option can be combined with the Academy LMS for selling courses. All activities ranging from listing down your courses to receiving payments and dealing with orders are covered by this platform.

Academy LMS SureCart

How it Helps:

It makes the selling process easy for students and ensures that they have a more secure way of completing their online transactions with SureCart. It supports multiple payment options and allows customers to make purchases.


  • Lessons can be offered easily since the purchasing process is not as complicated. It will, in turn, result in more people enrolling for the lessons.
  • A secure transaction for improving trust with the learners so they feel assured that their payment details are safe.
  • The convenience of configuring and moderating courses’ sales is a contributing factor to overall efficiency.

Google Meet

Google Meet integration permits teachers to have live and engaging classes within Academy LMS without issues. This feature makes it possible for interactions in high-definition video and audio, with the capability to facilitate large group interaction sessions as well as one-to-one video and audio interactions.

Academy LMS Meeting

How it Helps: 

This integration provides a smooth interaction with scheduling and joining live classes, meetings, or sessions. Teachers can create virtual classes that enable students to enter a classroom, ask questions, answer questions, and interact with the content in the same way as a normal physical classroom environment.


  • Smart learning is more effective when it is immediate and interactive in real time since questions can be addressed on the spot.
  • Video and audio quality refers to dependable standards for the communication to be produced.
  • Makes online classes less complicated, thus promoting accessibility and efficiency of the remote learning environment.


The integration of MailChimp to the service provides Academy LMS with highly functional email marketing tools. It enables you to set up and send promotional emails, newsletters, and other automated emails with references to students and potential learners.

Academy LMS Mailchimp

How it Helps:

Connecting MailChimp with Academy LMS allows you to sort and tag their email list based on the course enrolled in, course progress, course engagement level, etc. This permits customized messaging, which helps promote updates and notice news among the students.


  • Course updates and newsletters ensure that students are informed about new courses, current and forthcoming assignments, and other events.
  • Web directions are useful in that automation features cut down administrators’ work time by offering communication solutions.
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of an email campaign enhances knowledge for better strategies and increases course retention.


This integration brings a proper CRM system into Academy LMS. It also keeps records of the students and their interactions so that it can oversee its marketing and interaction plans.

Academy LMS FluentCRM

How it Helps:

FluentCRM allows instructors to monitor students’ activities, participation, and progress in a particular course. It also allows for the scheduling of follow-ups and messages to be sent to students at the right time and in target, meaningful, and concise communication styles.


  • It provides specific information about the learning activities the student has been participating in, which is immensely beneficial for facilitating learning.
  • This allows for following up on students’ activities and engaging them more frequently, which in turn contributes to students’ satisfaction and retention.
  • It enables relevant and meaningful interaction, making each student feel that he or she is cared for throughout the learning process.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom integration allows for effective course management with the existing activities in the Academy LMS.

Academy LMS Google Classroom

How it Helps:

This integration enables the use of Google Classroom tools and features in Academy LMS, providing a more integrated and automated approach to managing coursework, taking online classes and managing interactive sessions.


  • This reduces the amount of time used by educators to handle assignments and grading.
  • Offer consistency for students already using Google Classroom and some of the apps associated with it.
  • It oversees the sharing and completion of assignments in collaboration with other students, which is very useful in enhancing the learning process.


SureMembers is a solution for managing membership inside Academy LMS. It enables content to be developed in private sections and access control by charging subscription fees for certain courses and learning materials.

suremembers access group

How it Helps:

This allows users to add members and easily manage different membership levels. It also allows users to control their access to the material and options. Different membership levels can be set in learning materials with different sets of parameters.


  • Enhances course offerings with exclusive member content, attracting more students.
  • Simplifies the management of subscriptions and access control, reducing administrative workload.
  • Builds a dedicated community around course content, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement among students.


GamiPress integration adds contest features to the Academy LMS system. It lets an instructor provide Points, Badges, and Leaderboard features in courses to increase engagement and competition.

Academy LMS GamiPress

How it Helps:

Promoting contests motivates students by introducing game-like aspects that reflect their outcomes and development. This can be set for the interaction in contexts such as course completion, discussions, or scoring high on quizzes.


  • Increases student engagement and motivation through gamified elements.
  • Makes learning more interactive and enjoyable, encouraging continuous participation.
  • Promotes healthy competition among students, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

WishList Member

WishList Member provides membership options in Academy LMS. These include different access levels, content restrictions, and member management.

Academy LMS Wishlist Memebers

How it Helps:

This integration can help to quickly organize and configure a membership site where registered users have access to some content. In contrast, you can set content that is only available to those with a paid subscription at a higher membership level.


  • Facilitates structured membership management, enhancing the organization and delivery of content.
  • Adds value to courses by offering exclusive member-only content, attracting more subscribers.

Easy Digital Download (Coming Soon!)

Easy Digital Download integration allows you to sell downloadable courses or lessons instantly made with Academy LMS.

How it Helps:

This integration allows instructors to share extra downloadable options in courses. Multiple payment gateways support the sale of its products and services, and the purchase and download process is smooth.


  • Simplifies the purchase and download process, enhancing the user experience.
  • Increases the overall value offered to students by providing supplemental materials that support their learning journey.

Features Revamped in Academy LMS 2.0

Academy LMS 2.0 introduces improvements to the platform’s functionality, which includes a revamped User Interface that makes it easier for users to navigate through it. 

These updates aim to advance teaching-learning activities as well as their interaction since they optimize processes, increase performance, and offer more options. 

Here’s a detailed look at the revamped features: 

Dashboard Analytics

The analytics dashboard now provides comprehensive insights. These insights into user engagement and course performance help instructors and administrators make informed decisions to improve course content and delivery.

Academy LMS Student Dashboard

Dashboard Admin Menu

The admin menu has been rearranged for better tabs and ease of usage. Convenient navigation improves platform management, as administrators can easily navigate through the improved interface and use the features they need quickly and easily.

Academy LMS Admin Dashboard

Settings Page

The settings page has been improved for easier configuration. The new intuitive layout helps users customize their experience without confusion, enhancing user satisfaction.

Academy LMS Settings

Notification UI

The notification area has been made clearer and more user-friendly. Updates are now very noticeable and easily accessible, so users are always up to date.

New Course Page

Streamlining the course creation process has made adding courses easier. Instructors can effortlessly create and offer new courses, enriching the learning space with more curriculum.

Academy LMS Courses

Lesson Modal

The lesson modal has made its delivery more impactful. It makes it easier to use and convenient to provide instructions and other information, thus aiding instructors in providing lessons in a much better way.

Assignment Modal

You can see the improved management of the assignment modal throughout the system. Teaching becomes more manageable because it reduces instructors’ preparation, sharing, and marking of assignments. 

Quiz Modal

The quiz modal has been streamlined for better usability. This ensures a smoother experience for students taking quizzes, reducing frustration and improving the accuracy of assessments.

Bulk Import Modal

The bulk data import process has been made more efficient. It saves time and reduces errors, which is particularly useful for large institutions with many students and courses.

Add New Student Modal

The student addition process has been simplified. This reduces administrative workload and speeds up the enrollment process, making it easier for administrators to enroll new students.

Tools Page

The tools page has been organized for easier access and management. The new intuitive interface makes it simpler to find and use the necessary tools, enhancing overall user experience.

Academy LMS Tools Page

Add New Instructor Modal

The instructor addition process has been simplified. This makes it easier for administrators to onboard new instructors, supporting the growth of the teaching team and the expansion of course offerings.

Table UI

The Table UI has been enhanced for better data visualization. This improvement makes information easier to read and interpret, aiding users in making informed decisions through clear and concise data presentation.

Tutor Booking Modal

The booking process for tutors has been simplified. This makes it easier for students to schedule sessions, promoting more one-on-one interactions and enhancing the learning experience.

Setup Wizard

The setup page has been streamlined for quick and easy setup. This reduces the time needed to get started with Academy LMS, making it more accessible to new users and lessening the initial setup hassle.

Academy LMS Setup Wizard

New Add-ons in Academy LMS 2.0

Academy LMS 2.0 comes with a number of powerful new add-ons designed to enhance the eLearning experience for both instructors and students.

 This will evidently, improve the overall experience, unlock new options, make workflow better, and provide a more engaging, efficient, and interactive learning environment. 

Grade Book

The Grade Book add-on offers a comprehensive system for tracking, managing, and analyzing student performance.

How it Helps: This add-on provides an organized way to record grades, monitor progress, and generate performance reports, making it easier to provide personalized feedback.


  • Simplifies the grading process and keeps all records in one place.
  • Offers insights into student performance, helping educators tailor their teaching strategies.
  • Enhances transparency for students, allowing them to track their progress.

Meeting Addon

The Meeting add-on integrates Zoom and Google Meet into Academy LMS, facilitating live virtual classes and meetings.

How it Helps: This tool allows educators to schedule and conduct live sessions directly within the LMS, enhancing the remote learning experience.


  • Enables real-time interaction between educators and students.
  • Simplifies the scheduling and management of virtual classes.
  • Enhances the learning experience with high-quality video and audio conferencing.


The Notifications add-on sends real-time alerts and announcements to students regarding course updates, assignments, and important information.

How it Helps: This feature ensures that students stay informed about any changes or updates, improving communication and course management.


  • Keeps students engaged and informed with timely updates.
  • Enhances the overall learning experience by ensuring no important information is missed.
  • Reduces administrative workload by automating notifications.

Social Login/Register

The Social Login/Register add-on allows users to login and register using their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.

How it Helps: This feature simplifies the login and registration process, reducing barriers to entry and improving the user experience.


  • Makes it easier for students to access the LMS by using existing social media accounts.
  • Enhances user convenience and satisfaction, leading to higher engagement.
  • Increases security, as social media platforms often have robust authentication mechanisms.

Also, you get the following add-ons. But as I have mentioned their full details in the integration section, I’ll not repeat that again!


This add-on allows you to manage student relationships efficiently, send personalized email campaigns, and track their effectiveness. It supports segmentation, automation, and detailed analytics.


This add-on introduces points, badges, and leaderboards to courses, rewarding students for their achievements and participation.

Google Classroom

This add-on simplifies course management by integrating Google Classroom’s tools directly into Academy LMS, enabling seamless interaction between the two platforms.


This add-on allows for the automation of email communications, segmentation of student lists, and detailed analytics on email performance.


This add-on handles the entire sales process, from listing courses to processing payments and managing orders.


This add-on enables educators to create exclusive content areas, manage subscriptions, and offer tiered access to courses and materials.

WishList Member

This add-on simplifies the creation and management of membership levels, providing exclusive content to different groups of users.

Download and Explore

Don’t wait to experience these incredible updates. Download Academy LMS 2.0 now and start exploring all the new features.

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