How to Make a Language Learning Website

How to Make a Language Learning Website or App

With the advancement of the world wide web, the whole world is now at your grasp. That is why language is no longer a communication challenge In this era of globalization. People from different parts of the globe are now learning different languages for their betterment. Thus, the importance of learning how to make a language learning website is on the rise. 

Opportunities for remote and international employment have grown recently, particularly in the wake of the COVID issue. With that, Global workers are adapting new languages to remove the language barrier. Therefore, there is a chance for educators and owners of eLearning sites to collaborate with and benefit from language-learning websites.

Language instructors can now share their expertise and knowledge to educate global learners. They can even create their own eLearning site, earn revenue and help others in advancing their career. Moreover, you can run your own eLearning platform and gather language instructors to offer language courses. 

Expanding your eLearning site and marketing your courses through online learning sites is easier. However, there are other methods for creating a language-learning website, and we'll show you the simplest one. With the combination of the best CMS platform, WordPress, and Academy LMS plugin, you can build the perfect Language learning website in no time. So, without further ado, let's learn the process of building a language-learning website. 

Academy LMS for Language Learning Website 

WordPress is an all-rounder CMS that includes a massive plugin library to create any type of website. Therefore, you should first select the perfect LMS plugin to establish your own language-learning website. 

You may build eLearning courses, administer them proficiently, and make money by selling courses using a learning management system. This is where Academy LMS comes in with the fastest features and flexible user interface. 

With Academy LMS, you can create unlimited courses, lessons, and quizzes for your learners. You don't need sound technical knowledge to maintain your entire eLearning site. Also, you are getting numerous essential features that will assist you in retaining students on your eLearning site. Therefore, we highly recommend you use this next-gen plugin to learn how to make a language-learning website.     

academy lms

We will go through all the necessary features of Academy LMS that will aid you in creating your own eLearning platform. Don't worry; installing the pro version of this plugin is not mandatory, but with Academy LMS Pro, the whole process becomes easier. So, don't forget to check out the features of Academy LMS Pro. 

How eLearning Platforms are Generating Income

Most of the eLearning platforms are not utilizing the full potential of their capabilities. But with Academy LMS, you will get a complete solution on how to make a language learning website. This amazing platform gives you an ecosystem to leverage all possible revenue channels. As a consequence, even if you are new to the eLearning sector, you may beat the competition rapidly.

Language learning platforms generate income  through the following process: 

  • Get a certain commission from the tuition fees students pay for the courses on your eLearning platform.
  • A monthly subscription fee that instructors must pay in order to advertise, maintain, and conduct their language-learning classes online. 
  • Promoting tutors and their courses  through your online platform 
  • Showcasing advertisements through your online platform 

Now that you know the revenue-generating process, it's time to learn how to establish your own language-learning platform. 

Installing Academy LMS On Your Elearning Site 

The process of installing the Academy LMS plugin on your eLearning site is really simple. Firstly, log into your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, and search Academy LMS

Click the Install button and activate the plugin to finish the installation process. 

install academy lms

Now let’s move on to the next step, where you need to set up the entire language-learning site. 

Building the Language Learning Website 

After setting up your eLearning site, it's time to decorate the site, especially the home page. This is where Academy LMS comes in to aid in how to make a language learning website. 

The Academy starter template is ideal because it includes free themes designed to suit your eLearning website. Also, you can separately install a theme named Hello Academy, which is also part of this starter template. If you are installing Hello Academy, you can skip the addon installation process. 

It's fine If you want to go with the Academy Starter Template to get more template options. After logging into your dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and insert Academy Starter Template in the search box. That's it, install and activate the addon. 

install academy starter templates

Keep in mind that before installing the Academy Starter Template, you must install the Academy LMS. Also, We will be working with Academy LMS pro to demonstrate How to make a language-learning website. 

Selecting a Template to Build Your Website   

Once you’ve installed and activated the Academy Starter Template, it's time to begin the site-building process. So, go to Academy Starter and select a template of your preference. We’ve selected the following template from the 

import demo

Click Import Demo and wait until the import process is completed. Once you are done with the demo import, your site will be completely ready to use. You can learn How to use the Academy Starter template from our documentation section.

academy lms demo site

The Homepage carries importance since it's the first impression on your site. With the starter template, you get ready a stunning home page and all other necessary pages. Therefore, you just need to apply some small tweaks to make it ready for your language learning website. 

Now, it's time to move on to the next step and create language learning courses on your eLearning site. 

Creating A Language Learning Course Using Academy LMS

To set up your first language-learning course, go to your dashboard and click Academy LMS > Add New Courses. 

As you can see, you have been taken to the Course Creation section. In this section, you can add the Course Name and description, including course materials, featured images, and more. 

You can also tweak your course-building process through the Course settings available in this section. You can set the difficulty level of the course, choose the course type, set a maximum number of students, create announcements, schedule courses, and do much more. 

add new course

To learn all the basics about the course-building process, go to our documentation section and search How to create a course. Hit enter, and you will get the documentation on the course creation process. 

Using the documentation, you can easily create your first language learning course in no time. Now, it's time to go one step ahead and bring your language learning course into action. For that, you need to create lessons and quizzes. In the course creation section, you will find the Course Builder option where you need to Add New Topic.  

A topic is actually the syllabus for your course, and you can create a quiz only after adding a lesson. So let's move on to the next section of our discussion on how to make a language-learning website and learn about the lesson-creation process.

Creating Lessons Via Course Builder 

So after creating a lesson and a topic, it's time to build the lesson for your course. After creating a topic, clicking Select Items will display a popup where you can create Lessons for your course. 

To learn the complete process of creating a lesson, take a look at our documentation on how to create a lesson. Generally, you can add the lesson title, text, video, and more to make it as engaging as possible. 

add new lesson

You can add videos to make your language learning course more intriguing. Because video content is currently a more accepted form of learning online courses. Learning a new language is considerably simpler when viewing and hearing the speaker.

Creating Quizzes To Evaluate Learners 

You should evaluate the learners of your eLearning platform whenever they finish a course. Through quizzes, you can evaluate their understanding of your course topic. It allows you to assess if your students are really comprehending what you are teaching. 

The quiz builder option of the Academy LMS is really user-friendly. It saves the time and effort of the site owner effectively. To dig deeper into quiz building, don't forget to check out our documentation section. 

A course and topic must be created before creating a quiz. Before coming into this step, we assume you’ve already created a course and a lesson.  You need to click the Select Item button from the Course builder section and select the Quiz option.   

add new quiz

After you click the Add New Quiz button,  You first need to provide Quiz Title and summary and then create questions. After setting the questions, you need to customize the quiz settings and set the quiz time, attempts, grades, and many more options. Finally, you can finish the quiz creation process and select it for the lessons that you created. 

Since you are creating a quiz for the language learning website, you should include interactive materials. Multiple choice questions, true or false, will engage students more in learning and participating in quizzes. For higher-level courses, you can utilize the open-ended or essay format of questions to evaluate your students. 

You can use the free version of Academy LMS pro to get the most quiz-building options in action. You can easily set time restrictions from the quiz settings so that your students experience a sense of urgency. 

For difficult language-related questions, you can even set the number of attempts. Also, you can instantly show the results of the quiz or keep it hidden. Actually, you are getting a lot of customization options that you can tweak until you are satisfied. 

Sell Language-Learning Courses Using WooCommerce Subscription

The foundational components of our language learning website have now been put up. However, we must now ensure that our efforts will pay off financially. The easiest and one of the most dependable plugins for monetizing our courses is WooCommerce.

Academy LMS offers the WooCommerce Subscription addon that integrates perfectly with WooCommerce. But keep in mind that WooCommerce must be installed to use this addon.  

enable woocommerce subscriptions

Now it's time to monetize the course using WooCommerce. Log into your website and go to Dashboard > Academy LMS >  Settings > WooCommerce. Then configure it according to your preference. 

woocommerce settings

Adding Product on WooCommerce 

It's time to make money through the paid language learning course from your eLearning site.  To sell your course a product via WooCommerce, you need to create a product. A connection between the product and the course we wish to offer is then required.

In your WordPress dashboard, Navigate to the Products tab and then click Add New. Create your language learning course as a product. Just like we did in the following example:   

add product in woocommerce

We’ve also set the price of the product or the English Language Learning Course. Now you have to sync this course with the course that you’ve created with the Academy LMS.

Go back to your previously created course and then scroll down to the course settings area. In the general settings area, select the course type as Paid and select the product you just created. 

course settings

Now the course is tagged with WooCommerce, which is displayed on your site as a paid course and with the price you’ve set on WooCommerce. 

course overview

Students can now purchase this course from your eLearning site, and you will get a percentage of the revenue. You can share the revenue via the revenue-sharing option of  Academy LMS. 

Collecting Payment Through Language Learning Courses 

In this step of How to make a language-learning website, we will show how you can collect payments.  You can view the payment methods from WooCommerce Settings and go to payments, where you will get all the payment settings. You can set your preferred payment method and then save the settings. 


You can use the same process to monetize other language-learning courses on your eLearning site. You just need to create the product and sync it with the course just like we did. The payment process is the same for all the courses since it is a universal setting. 

One more thing to mention for the eLearning site owners is if they want to involve multiple instructors to teach language-learning courses. You can easily share the commission earned by selling paid courses.

earning management

Academy LMS also offers a Multi-instructor addon that will enable you to include multiple instructors on your site. Go to Settings > Earnings and enable earnings, then set the percentage of commission instructors will get.  

Suggestions on How to Make a Language Learning Website or App 

After going through different online language learning platforms, we’ve gathered some essential suggestions. These recommendations will help you establish a successful eLearning platform:

  1. Create a stunning Home Page that attracts customers and convinces them to join your site as a student. 
  2. Display crucial links such as classes, tutors, and signup on the navigation bar 
  3. Since its a language learning site, your site should include a language translation option
  4. To make the learning process more attractive, provide live sessions between learners and instructors. 
  5. Provided class recording option so that students can use the recorded version of the lectures for later use.
  6. There should be individual course pages with detailed information about the classes, types, access levels, and more.
  7.  Based on the tutor's availability and the languages they speak and teach, you can narrow down the results.
  8. Provide course sorting option based on popularity 
  9. Display the tutor’s profile and enable profile sharing option
  10. Display the tutor’s profile rating, courses are taken, and more information 
  11. Allow students to take one-to-one private lessons 
  12. Tutors should get proper priority and a fair amount of revenue 
  13. Allow Similar language speaking learners to join a group learning session
  14. Integrate your language learning platform within a mobile app because of a wide range of mobile device usage. 

Final Thoughts on How to Make a Language Learning Website or App 

Well, that's it; you can now create your own language-learning website from the ground up. But after setting up your website, there are lot more to do. You must implement various marketing approaches to get handsome revenue through your language-learning course. 

However, before getting into the marketing approach, you should check out the course launch strategies. Also, learn about the right ways to launch a course and the pricing strategies of eLearning courses. 

We have mostly demonstrated the usage of the free version of the Academy LMS in this article. You can do quite a lot to set up your language learning website. But to get advanced features and compete in the eLearning marketplace, you should gradually upgrade to the Pro version. 

If you have strategies to share on How to make a language learning website, feel free to share those in the comment section. If you have any queries regarding this article, please contact us. We wish you good luck on your language-learning site to rise and shine.

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