Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins

10 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins in 2024

In the dynamic digital marketplace of 2024, eCommerce has evolved into a dominant sector, and choosing the right solutions is critical to achieving success online. Particularly for millions of websites powered by WordPress, the journey from a basic website to a potent eCommerce storefront is often steered by distinctive plugins. 

These plugins can offer your site many features, streamlining everything from product listings to checkout. Each year, diverse options come onto the market, making it challenging to keep up with the latest and best plugins. 

We’ve done the heavy lifting to present a compilation of the 10 best eCommerce WordPress plugins in 2024. This roster mixes new entries and stalwarts that have stood the test of time, helping transform the digital marketplace. These plugins provide efficiency, a better customer experience, and enhanced profitability.

What Is a WordPress eCommerce Plugin?

A WordPress eCommerce plugin is a software add-on that extends the capabilities of a WordPress website to increase online sales and transactions without requiring complicated coding or programming.

The eCommerce plugin interfaces with the WordPress site and offers functionality such as product catalogs, shopping carts, payment processing, shipping and tax calculations, customer administration, and order tracking.

How do you choose the best eCommerce plugin for your WordPress site?

Choosing the best eCommerce plugin for your WordPress site is crucial for maximizing its functionality and enhancing the customer experience. The right plugin facilitates smooth operations, improved sales, and seamless transactions. This guide will help you navigate myriad options and make an informed decision tailored to your eCommerce requirements.

Consideration Of Free Plan And Premium Options

When deciding between a free plan and premium options, several factors should be considered. The free plan typically provides basic features at no cost, which might be sufficient for casual users or startups.

On the other hand, premium options offer advanced features and customer support, which could be vital for businesses with specific needs, such as increased storage or advanced analytics. Value for money, scalability, and the user’s specific requirements should be carefully weighed before making a decision.

Comparison Of Features And Functionalities

When selecting a plugin for your eCommerce website, be sure to review all the features and functionality of the plugins. Compare more and more plugins to determine the most suitable one. Don’t compromise because many alternatives are available on the market for each plugin. So,  do proper research before choosing any plugin.

Integration With Other WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, and one of the common reasons for this is its extensive range of plugins. WordPress has many plugins for every functionality and features you need.

Each WordPress plugin can integrate with hundreds of other WordPress plugins, which will greatly streamline your eCommerce website. Using too many plugins can slow down your WordPress-based eCommerce website. So, choose a plugin that can integrate with other WordPress plugins and automate your eCommerce website tasks efficiently.

Compatible With Your eCommerce Platform

Choosing a WordPress plugin that works with your eCommerce platform can greatly influence the overall functionality and performance of your online store. The smooth integration of your selected plugin with your eCommerce platform minimizes possible problems and improves the administrator and customer experience.

Security And Update

Selecting a plugin compatible with your eCommerce platform that is updated and maintained regularly is essential for security. Frequent updates guarantee that the plugin remains current with platform changes and the most recent security procedures.

Reviews And Ratings From Users

For various reasons, customer reviews and ratings are important factors to consider when selecting a WordPress plugin. These insights give significant information about the plugin’s performance, dependability, and user happiness, providing a complete picture of the technical specs supplied by developers.

What Are The Top 10 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins For 2024?

Having learned how to select the best eCommerce WordPress plugins, the following are our top selections for the finest eCommerce WordPress plugins:

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Academy LMS
  3. Easy Digital Downloads
  4. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce
  5. WPForms
  6. Rank Math
  7. BigCommerce
  8. PushEngage
  9. Wholesale Suite
  10. MailPoet

Now, let’s dive into the post.

1. WooCommerce

One of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins to consider is WooCommerce, which powers 33.14% of e-commerce and online retail sites. The main plugin includes all the tools needed to create an online store. Utilize the free and paid add-ons offered by the platform to increase the functionality of your WooCommerce store.


This free plugin is a flexible option for many companies since it can be used with physical, digital, and subscription items. You can grow your business with the resources a WooCommerce shop provides, as it can handle both digital and physical things.

Additionally, you want to collect more thorough sales data. In that case, you may use a plugin to combine WooCommerce with Google Analytics. You may increase conversion rates by using this information to develop a more effective marketing plan.

Pricing: It is free from; adding extra features will cost money.

2. Academy LMS

Suppose you want to make an online course website to sell courses and earn money by sharing your knowledge. In that case, Academy LMS is the perfect option for you. It is the best and most growing next-generation WordPress LMS plugin. With it, you can create multiple types of course content, like quizzes, assignments, video courses, PDF course content, and so on.

Academy LMS

The Academy LMS features help you manage your online course effectively. It is for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions to deliver e-learning experiences. Also, it’s fully integrated with WooCommece to sell your course, and it also integrates Paid Memberships Pro to sell your online courses membership-wise easily.

The Exclusive Academy LMS support team will cover you 24/7 if you encounter any issues. So get started with Academy LMS to create your eLearning website or membership website with the best LMS plugin in WordPress.

Pricing: It’s available free from Its free version is enough to start an eLearning website. For extended eLearning features, the paid version starts at $119.

3. Easy Digital Downloads

The greatest WordPress eCommerce plugin for digital product sales is Easy Digital Downloads. Online retailers who sell eBooks, music, software, and other digital downloads will find it ideal.

easy digital downloads

This well-liked WordPress eCommerce plugin offers huge possibilities to sell digital items in various formats. For instance, users may select which product version to buy when embedded in a post or website.

Bundle downloads, which allow customers to combine many digital items into a single download, are another important feature that makes Easy Digital Downloads worth considering. This function helps provide goods packages at a discounted cost.

Pricing: It’s free from, but the paid plan starts at $99.50.

4. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Let’s use the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin to add flair to your business! Imagine creating your own little support system out of your satisfied clients. With this handy plugin, recent customers may be kindly reminded to share their buying experiences.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Why is it so awesome? Reviews may only be left by the genuine deal—people who have purchased your goods. This is not fake news! It’s similar to having your friends at a party attest to your worth.

Imagine this: glowing evaluations that make you feel good about yourself and get attention from search engines. When you give Google a positive review, your website becomes more popular. It is comparable to winning a gold star in an internet popularity contest!

So, use the WooCommerce plugin’s Customer Reviews and make your company look amazing. It’s similar to getting more street cred in the internet realm through a fan club. Customers will be grateful, and you’ll receive a high five from Google in the search results. Is that a win-win situation?

Pricing: You can get it free from, and the premium edition costs $49.99.

5. WPForms

WPForms is the best drag-and-drop non-code form builder plugin for WordPress. Over 5 million website owners use it, and it has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 13,600+ reviews. WPForms has a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create gorgeous forms in minutes. Choose from pre-built templates or create your own, then effortlessly add fields such as text, radio buttons, and even file uploads.


WPForms extend beyond basic forms. Use conditional logic to customize your forms depending on user replies, automate email alerts to keep on top of leads, and take payments using Stripe for a streamlined shopping experience.

Furthermore, you own your data! Entries are safely kept on your WordPress site, allowing you total control and privacy. WPForms provides several extensions for enhanced functionality, ranging from Zapier connections to survey generation. Explore their collection and watch your form-building options expand dramatically!

Pricing: It’s free from; the paid plan starts at $49.50.

6. Rank Math

Rank Math is the best, fastest-growing, and most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. It is very user-friendly and easy to use for anyone who is tech-savvy. It has a wide range of options to optimize your website for Google search engines. 

rank math

Forget SEO guesswork. Rank Math automatically analyzes your product pages, suggesting titles, meta descriptions, images, and structured data improvements. It even creates rich snippets—those star-studded product listings—in search results, grabbing attention and clicks.

Rank Math understands WooCommerce. Optimize product categories and tags, produce dynamic meta descriptions depending on price and stock, and manage indexing for specific goods, all from the plugin’s user-friendly interface.

Rank Math extends beyond on-page wizardry. Track keyword ranks, watch competitors, and gain detailed SEO information to assess your store’s performance and make data-driven decisions. With these optionsat your disposal, Rank Math elevates your e-commerce SEO from a hassle to a competitive advantage, drawing more organic traffic and converting interested visitors into devoted customers.

Pricing: It’s free from; the paid plan starts at $5.75.

7. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is completely hosted and provides a smooth WordPress integration. This enables you to utilize WordPress for website management and content management while utilizing a scalable eCommerce platform.


Its robust WordPress integration plugin makes it incredibly simple to incorporate your items in WordPress. The account, cart, sign-in, and other key pages are immediately created for you.

It eliminates the headache of increasing your hosting needs as your company expands. You also won’t need to bother about performance, security, or locating extensions for caching and SEO.

One of the more prominent WordPress headless eCommerce competitors is BigCommerce. It manages the technological infrastructure so you may concentrate on expanding your web business.

Pricing: It’s  free to download; the paid plan starts at $29.95

8. PushEngage

PushEngage is the best WordPress e-commerce plugin available when it comes to notifications. By delivering tailored messages to users’ desktop or mobile browsers, push notifications help you entice them back to your website.


Notify consumers of new products, blog article announcements, forgotten cart reminders, price reduction alerts, and more.

Additionally, you may deliver the appropriate messages at the precise, correct moment by utilizing strong capabilities like dynamic segmentation and triggered notifications.

Additionally, PushEngage makes it simple to persuade consumers to consent to receive push alerts. Custom opt-ins may be made and set to show in response to certain events, such as page loaded time, scroll percentage, or button, image, or link clicks.

Pricing: It’s free from; the paid plan starts at $9.

9. Wholesale Suite

Give up on the one-size-fits-all strategy. You can design customized business-to-business (B2B) experiences for your WooCommerce store with Wholesale Suite. To especially appeal to wholesale buyers, provide minimum order amounts, hidden items, and tiered pricing.

Wholesale Suite

Forget handling orders by hand. You may automate purchase orders, invoices, and quotations using this plugin. Handle customer accounts, monitor indicators unique to wholesale, and take advantage of smooth connectivity with well-known accounting and CRM tools.

Credit limitations, loyalty programs, and bulk order discounts are sophisticated features that encourage loyalty and repeat business. Automated order updates and specialized dashboards let you keep your wholesale clients informed.

There is more to Wholesale Suite than simply transactions. Dedicated account managers, integrated request forms, and quotation approvals help to foster stronger relationships with B2B buyers. Take the B2B performance of your WordPress business to the next level!

Pricing: It’s free from; the paid plan starts at $297

10. MailPoet

MailPoet is a free and versatile email marketing plugin that will assist you in expanding your email list from your WordPress dashboard. More than 700,000 users are using MailPoet to market and grow their email list.


With MailPoet’s drag-and-drop builder, you can easily create eye-catching newsletters and distribute them to your subscribers. This is an excellent approach to providing news and updates, marketing your goods, and cultivating a rapport with your clientele.

With MailPoet, you can divide up your email list into groups according to various attributes, including past purchases, geographic regions, or hobbies. As a result, you may send recipients of your targeted emails with a higher chance of success.

With MailPoet, you can create automatic email sequences for things like welcome messages for new subscribers and abandoned cart emails. You can keep in contact with your consumers and save time by doing this. Businesses of all sizes, especially those in e-commerce, may utilize MailPoet, a flexible email marketing plugin.

Pricing: A free plan supports up to 1,000 subscribers and 5,000 monthly emails. Paid plans start at $10.

Final Word

In 2024, navigating the ever-changing world of eCommerce business will require the right solution. With the help of this list of the top 10 WordPress plugins for eCommerce, you can create a powerful online store that suits your goals and demands.

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