Academy LMS 2.0 on Product Hunt

Academy LMS 2.0 on Product Hunt: A Journey of Dedication

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone in our journey. The launch of Academy LMS 2.0 on Product Hunt!  This moment is the result of countless hours of hard work and dedication from the whole team. 

As we launched Academy LMS 2.0, we want to share our growth, challenges, and strong commitment to our users in upgrading the creation of eLearning websites.

Launching Academy LMS 2.0 on Product Hunt

Previously, we launched Academy LMS on Product Hunt. And users had showered their blessings, feedbacks and requirements to us. This made us take a commitment to give more to the users and to the WordPress community.

Academy LMS 2.0 On Product Hunt

And, that’s why, we are launching Academy LMS 2.0 on Product Hunt as well! Don’t forget to check that out!

Also, just like before, use the new version and give us upvotes, feedbacks, comments, suggestions and all. We’d love you give you even better!

The Beginning: A Vision for Better Learning

Few years ago, Academy LMS started with a vision to create a versatile, user-friendly WordPress LMS plugin called Academy LMS

Our goal was to empower eLearning website owners to provide students and teachers with a powerful platform that made online education accessible, efficient, and engaging. It was made with enthusiasm.

We got amazing love and feedbacks from the users of Product Hunt before. And, the support from our users drove us to push us to do even better.

Academy LMS Highlights:

  • Admin Interface: A ReactJS-based SPA for smooth management.
  • Course Builder: Intuitive tools for creating diverse courses.
  • Dashboards: Detailed views for students and instructors.
  • Content Delivery: Video lessons, quizzes, and course progression tracking.
  • Security: Comprehensive content protection.
  • Earning Management: Multi-instructor revenue sharing.

These features laid a solid foundation, but we aimed for more. Your feedback and requirements inspired us to push boundaries and elevate Academy LMS even further.

The Journey: Overcoming Challenges

Developing Academy LMS 2.0 was a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Our team worked tirelessly, often did late night shifts, to bring you something that exceeds expectations. We listened to your feedback, and focused on delivering features that truly matter.

Don’t forget to Check the Video of Academy LMS 2.0 we just made!

Our Initial Goals for Academy LMS 2.0:

  • Enhance user experience with a more intuitive interface.
  • Integrate powerful add-ons and solutions to streamline online education.
  • Introduce features that foster engagement and community.
  • Ensure scalability and flexibility to support diverse educational needs.

Unwrapping Academy LMS 2.0: A New Era

Academy LMS 2.0 is not just an update; it’s a transformation. This version introduces a suite of new features, integrations, and enhancements designed to make your eLearning journey more seamless and impactful.

New Integrations

  • Google Meet: Host live, interactive classes within Academy LMS.
  • MailChimp: Advanced email marketing tools for newsletters and automated messages.
  • Google Classroom: Seamless integration for efficient course management.
  • SureCart: Secure transactions and multiple payment options for selling courses.
  • FluentCRM: Manage student relationships with a powerful CRM.
  • GamiPress: Gamification elements to boost student engagement.
  • WishList Member: Exclusive membership levels and content access management.

Enhanced Features

  • Dashboard Analytics: Deeper insights into user engagement and course performance.
  • Admin Menu: Reorganized for easier navigation.
  • Settings Page: Intuitive layout for customized settings.
  • Notification UI: Clearer and user-friendly system.
  • Course Creation: Streamlined process for managing courses.
  • Lesson and Assignment Modals: Improved interfaces for impactful lessons.
  • Quiz Modal: Enhanced student experience with an intuitive interface.
  • Bulk Import: Efficient data import process.
  • Tools Page: Organized for easy access and management.
  • Setup Wizard: Simplified setup for quick onboarding.

Powerful Add-Ons

  • Grade Book: Organized grading system to track and analyze performance.
  • Meeting Addon: Schedule and conduct live sessions via Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Notifications: Real-time alerts to keep students informed.
  • Social Login/Register: Simplified login and registration with social media accounts.

Introducing Academy LMS 2.0 Banner

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The Future: Your Support, Our Commitment

Academy LMS 2.0 is our commitment to providing the best eLearning solutions. Your support and feedback have been instrumental in shaping this journey. We believe that together, we can continue to innovate and transform online education.

And that’s why we want to share this amazing journey with the Product Hunt users.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to what lies ahead, driven by the same passion and dedication that brought us here. Together, let’s continue to redefine eLearning.